Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Laptop

I have finally purchased a new.. err, used laptop! Wohoo!!

#1. New Sony laptop. It's pink =.="

Technically, it's a secondhand laptop that I bought over from one of my cousins. This new baby is only about 2 years old. Compared to my ancient 6 years old Acer that does not even have an Intel Core processor, this laptop is like a gift from above.

Now that I have a laptop that doesn't crash on me every few seconds, I can finally return to blogging. During my laptop-less days, I have been able to connect with the cyber world -- Facebook-ing, web surfing -- on my iPad but blogging just isn't the same without the physical touch of an actual keyboard.(Or, as my sister will have no problem pointing out, maybe I was just lazy *shrugs)

So, here I am, typing away on my new laptop after 6 months. Please look forward to blog posts that are sure to come in the very near future. *winks