Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy 25th Birthday, Me!

I officially turn a year older as of today. When asked of my age, no longer will I be able to cling to that early-twenties nonsense. Now I am a mid-twenties, young woman. Haha! Me. Mid-twenties. Woman. And still measure 5 feet (debatable) 1 inch vertically. Don't think I got any smarter after all my master degree studying. I wonder if my age will make people take me more seriously? I mean, wisdom and respect comes with old age right? Or was it arrogance and outdated-ness?

Well, I am not as bitter about gaining a year. Reason being, either I am too busy with my final exams and assignments or I have miraculously matured. The former is probably a safer bet. 

Nothing interesting happened today. No surprise there. If there is an index out there that measures the level of pathetic-ness of birthdays,  mine would no doubt be right one of the top 100s.

#1. Selfie to commemorate the day I turn 25. 

Best thing about birthdays is that it gives me the excuse to be lazy, spent thrift and authoritative. Within this 24 hour time limit every year, I am always right. I get to beg out of homework. And I get to spend money I don't have.

Therefore, I got myself a present!
#2. Two Bobbi Brown lipstick and one lip liner!

Very legit. Had it all gift wrapped (it's free anyway) and even wrote a message adressed to my nickname from my alter ego. At least the person packaging my gift and printing my message won't know I am this shameless. Feeling very sneaky and clever indeed.

I've been having this obsession with lipsticks. 

I have difficulty finding the right natural lipstick color that matches my skin and lip tone. Some of my failed attempts include lipsticks from such as Shu Uemura, Sephora, and Nivea.

#3. Shu Uemura Rogue Unlimited Supreme Shine SS Orange 520 lipstick. Why the hell is the name so god damn long? And I don't know what SS stands for, so don't ask me.

#4. Sephora's No. 25 Pink Teaser - pink shimmer. Too red for me. And too glittery for daily wear.

#5. Nivea Soft Rose lip balm. This doesn't count since it's not even lipstick.

The closest I got is when I came across Bobby Brown.

#6. Bobbi Brown 'Pale Pink.'

'Pale Pink' is my first Bobby Brown purchase. This color is too light for my lip's natural color but I don't regret purchasing it. This lipstick not only has the matte color that I desire, but it is also creamy and moisturizing. With a red lip liner, the colors blends together nicely and changes into this nice shade of pink (as seen in my pic #1). 

My two recent lipstick purchase is currently in Nashville.

#7. I wish it gets here before Thanksgiving.

Being one of the world's most impatient people, I've been tracking its shipment status every hour (as if that's gonna speed up the process). Well, my package better gets here by tomorrow night or I might start throwing  a tantrum. It won't look pretty with me being 25 and all.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Year Later..

Even as a graduate student, I am a procrastinator. I wanted to avoid studying for my midterm, so I went through all apps I have on my iPad. When i came across my Blogger app, I was curious as to see when I last updated. Unsurprisingly, my procrastination skill has not dull one bit. I am still writing my blog posts once every year.

The funny thing is I have at least four to six unfinished drafts throughout the year that will never be posted. They usually only consists of a title and a few errant thoughts of what I wanted to write.  At least I am not the only one who has not been updating. 90% of my friends have abandoned their blogs in 2012. Those with actual readers, such as Audrey Ooi, Timothy Tiah, Suet Li, are of the minority now.

I am not going to say the number of my posts will improve. According to my sis, I have the habit of not doing something after saying it (or in this case, written it) out loud. Her theory is, once I've talked about it, I felt like I have DONE something and would not actually do it. Confusing, but a very accurate observation of my character.

I miss blogging. I started this blog with the intention of having a diary, but I did not take my laziness into account. Last night I was thinking, "I need an app that functions as a diary without having to do much work." And viola! Audrey Ooi just wrote a post about an app, Dayre.

#1. My newly made account. I registered about 5 minutes ago.

According to Audrey aka fourfeetnine, this is a faster, shorter version of blogging. A place where she can register her random thoughts that did not seem to have a place in her long blog post.

As per her recommendation, I am gonna give it a try. Let's see how long my fascination over this new app will last.