Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cute huh?

I was in my Intro to Anthropology class today, and we were able to look at all these skeletal bones of our 'relatives' for our assignments. Hehe!

I don't know bout you, but I think they are rather cute. Thus..

...me taking a picture with it. =P This is the skeletal bone of a gorilla btw.

This is a Homoerectus, our directly related ancestral to the earliest members of living species Homosapiens (which is us humans). It is how their skeletal head looks like before we evolve to what we are now.

Onto another topic, this is where I work, my aunt's restaurant Wok Cuisine...

The restaurant...

The sushi bar..

My uncle worked at a Japanese restaurant before and took classes from a Japanese sensei to learn the real way of making sushi for several years.

I had a few more prettier pictures of the sushi[s] he made but they got lost together with my first phone, so this is the only pic I have.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner. I didn't even realise it till I called my mum and she told me. I totally forgot bout CNY since they don't celebrate it in Florida. But the good news is, I still get to get ang pao. Muahahaha!

One thing I really miss is the gambling and the visits from house to house.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Haha! Can't post anything last few days due to lack of time and pictures. I still have some other pictures with my friends but I thought,

"Why not post what I have now first so that SOMEONE does not say my blog is too boring."

So here I am, posting pictures I took at Give Kids the World Village. These pictures were taken when I went to work as a volunteer in Kissimmee, Orlando. The place was amazing, and not to mention beautiful! It is built for the purpose of letting sick children have their vacation and spend happy moments with their family there.

First I'll start off with my transportation there.

This is one LONG ASS BUS! My friends told me it is called the "Coach Bus" I think..

It even has its own BATHROOM! The first thing I said was, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!". Haha! It is not every day I see a bus with its own toilet you know. My friend, Quentin, decided to demonstrate how to use it. Haha!!

Journey there. This is what it looks like at 7 something in the morning. I just took this cause I don't get to drive pass an ocean/sea/lake/whateva-you-call-it back in Malaysia.

Kinda like this pic. I think is was about 8am. Freaking cold that day. Was freezing my ass off even when I was in the bus. You have no idea how relieved I was when we stopped by at McD. to get something to eat, and most importantly, HOT drinks!

Okay, back to Give Kids the World Village.

This is the AmberVille. Hmm, can't remember what is this place for =P Hehe! But I do remember the fabulous train set they have in there.

Isn't this cute?! There is Bruce, Dory and Marlin from Finding Nemo..

My posing position looks weird cause the thing I was hugging to is freaking tall. So...you get the point. But don't concentrate on me, concentrate on the train set BEHIND me.

This pic might not look as cool, but the trains, cable cars and such were actually in motion. So it was probably much cooler up close in person.

Aren't they cool!!!

Moving on...

This would be the castle (Duh!). I really like this picture.

The castle's guard. Don't mess with him! Hehe..

The throne room of course..

The king with his 'trusty guards'...

the 'dinning room'. Notice the bathrooms signs are for 'royalty' only..

Haha! I would say this machine is totally out of place. Anyway, this is actually a pillow machine. You just need to push a button, then the lights and music will go on. Bubbles will come and finally, *Poof* a pillow comes out! Of course these pillows are for the children, not for us volunteers...

We then went to the ginger bread house, where we started to work..

Main entrance to gingerbread house...

First dining room..

Food counter...As you can see, there are many dolls and teddy bears decorated around the top. Those are actually the toys of the kids who have been there. They are sooooooooo cute! And let me tell you, some of them are sooo rare that it cost a lot of money. But of course they have more sentimental value to the families.

This is another dining room. This one is decorated with trains. Very COOL toy trains.

This is also where I had my lunch & dinner...

Lunch..(forgot to take a pic of dinner cause too excited talking to a Japanese lady, Mari-san. She was soooo nice. She thought me some basic jap too ^^)

Random shot...

Left to Right: Me, Jamie, the twins (Alyssa & Michelle), Aleyse, can't remember her name and Lisa. Hehe!

I had to put a shot of us working or people won't believe we actually helped out there. We were wiping down every corner of the gingerbread house. This is when we were half way cleaning the sugar bowls after I finished washing them, as you can see here. Hehe! (I just put them in the dishwasher. Not really me sitting at a corner on my hands and knees washing them one by one.)

My desert ^^ Just kidding...

This is where I actually had my REAL desert..

Banana Split! YUM!~

The map of Give Kids the World Village Map...

Next stop, warehouse...

But not before taking some random shots around the village!! Hehe!

No idea what this is...

LOVE this shot!!

My new best friend..Hehe!



Such a cute tree! Kawaii!!~

Peaceful huh?

This is quite random too..

Haha! I had to put this shot cause if you look closely, you could actually see Quentin doing the titanic scene! LOL!~

Okay, here we are at the warehouse...

You won't believe the stuff they have there. Fantastic toys. Only had time to take pic of this though cause was working...

Team work! GO TEAM~

What we were actually doing was stacking up cards. Tie them with rubber band so that next time when they give out goodies bags, each kids have these cards. And let me tell you, these aren't normal cards. They are actually rare cards of famous sports people kept in PERFECT condition. They cost a lot, but of course, they are for the kids only.

I didn't know much about sports so I was more concern of my hands getting sore than the cards. But you should have seen my friends going crazy over them.
Anyway, after that we went to get our schedule for our next work duty and while waiting...

...we got comfortable on rocking chairs. Hehe! The one I was sitting on was really small..

We even had time to take a group picture...

And since it was frezzing cold out, we went in the chapel to keep warm...

Another of my favorite shot...

And in the chapel, I found these...





And also my friends trying to look angelic *laughs*...

Well, after that we went back to the castle to set up for the games people had planned for the kids. We were suppose to do it outside, but since it was so cold, they didn't want to get the children sick. So we had the game inside instead..

I would have taken more shots of the games but..

1. We are not allowed to take pictures of the kids without permission
2. Even if we do get permission, we are not allowed to post them on the Internet
3. I was having too much fun to hold my camera to snap shots of people
4. Last but not least, my phone ran out of battery! LOL!!!!

But I did manage to take one last shot of this cute moment (actually it was a request from Quentin cause he bond well with this kid) I took this picture purposely from the side so that we couldn't see the kid's face, but still..I hope I don't get in trouble for this.

Anyway, I had a real wonderful time and I got to make a lot of new friends. They were all so friendly. I got to know Quentin more on the ride home cause he was really bored, we talked for 2 hours about the most random stuff!! I was tired as hell. Thank god Jamie took over for me after that. Hehe! I can't wait to go back there next semester!

Well, I hope I have enough pictures now. You see that Xin Min! Now you can't say my blog page boring liao. Hehe! And I want to take this chance to give my sympathy to my good friend, Jessican Loi, because her camera is not working at the moment. It is a tragic moment because just like Xin Min, they both are always SS-ing. Hehe!! I feel sorry for you Jessica. (See Jess! I mentioned your name. Happy!?!)

I got to go now. Will try to update more after my essays and reading assignments and quizzes and tests and the list goes on. Good nitex!

p/s: I love Danny Hor, sooo much. Hehe! Sorry. Just suddenly feel like saying it. Good nitex people!