Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year 2009

Ah~ Another year has passed. I was just thinking how I should start sorting out my pictures because I have to write my traditional post. I guess I should have started earlier cause I just realized I have A LOT of pictures.

I was asking myself, "What is there to write? I don't think I did much this year." How wrong I was. I did so much that I don't even know where to start.

I guess I should start by saying, this year, I've..

#1. Had a sleepover at Michelle's.

#2. First time playing Twister

#3. Had one of the greatest class ever, with amazing classmates and prof.

#4. Went clubbing at Ultra..

#5. ..and see my roommates tried to get 'pick up' by 'British' guys.

#6. Attended my first Zeta Social.

#7. Had a wonderful year with my roommates Tiffany, Michelle, and Lizzie.

#8. Bought my own small laptop (and later returned it).

#9. Got a jury summon.

#10. Got my first saman.

#11. Got gel toes for the first time.

#12. Went to the beach for the first time after 2 years of living in Florida. (Pathetic, I know)

#13. Experience waiting in the airport for 8 hours. Thank god for anime.

#14. Met up with Ryui Bynn.

#15. Got to hang out and yamcha with my BFFs..

#16. darling's hingtai..

#17. ..and Jess & Heng's friends.

#18. Went to Australia with Darling..

#19. During my stay in Australia, I got to meet up with..

#20. .. Wai Leng, Wayne (Wai Leng's baby!), Tuck Lian(ex primary classmate), Jun, Sooi Jin, Jung-Hann, Kelvin, Yvonne..

#21. ..Chapman (the guy wearing a beanie)..

#22. ..Ai Tert (ex ballet classmate)..

#23. ..and Carmen (old best friend!).

#24. Met Anthony, my tuition teacher for many years, and my long lost cousin, Tze Yip..

#25. ..and even hung out with his friends, Cliffton and Siew-Ann at Genting.

#26. Attended my cousinbrother, Xiong Xiong Ko Ko's wedding..

#27. cousin sister, Emily Che Che's wedding..

#28. ..and my mum's cousin's son's (my aunt's son, I guess) wedding.

#29. Been lucky enough to meet old classmates like Amanda, Julian, Yuen Looi, Dennis..

#30. ..Yuin Thing, Elaine, Pui Yee, Wern Sern.

#31. Had a 10 year reunion with Kok Hong, my ex primary school classmate.

#32. Took my first Japanese class and got to meet I1 group..

#33. ..and I2 group. Had a blast in both Japanese class.

#34. Celebrated Chin Wei's birthday..

#35. ..Marcus's 21st..

#36. .. Weng Hong's 21st..

#37. ..Maybelle's 21st..

#38. ..and Sooi Jin's 21st.

#39. Had our annual before-I-leave-for-Florida dinner with Darling.

#40. Took my 21st studio picture.

#41. Got new roommates, Alyssa, Janae and Victoria.

#42. Met great neighbors, Randy, Greg, Jim, Joe and BELLA!! (Her real name is Emily but I call her Bella cause she looks like Kristen Stewart who plays Bella in Twilight).

#43. Experienced my first car break down.

#44. Celebrated my 21st birthday. (on the beach too)

#45. Went to my first Black Friday.

#46. Celebrated my first Secret Santa with my ex roommates (Michelle and Tiffany), my current roommates (Alyssa and Janae), and my commuter roommates (AJ and Gabby).

#47. Spent the last few minutes of 2009 with Alyssa.

I am always grateful for this year end post. Pain in the ass as it may be, it actually one of the best ways to have a flashback on what I have done over the year.

To be honest, I really enjoyed my year. Experienced a lot of firsts; met up with old classmates and made new ones; attended my fair share of weddings and birthdays. How can one not be content with life. My only regret is that the year has come to an end.

I remember saying, "..if [Year 2008] could be better than Year 2007, I don't see why Year 2009 could not be better than 2008." I guess I was right. It was better than Year 2008.

I really am sad that this year has come to a close, but I guess I will just have to look forward to Year 2010. All I have to say is, Year 2010, you are going to have a hard time topping Year 2009. Gambatte!

New Year's resolution:
1. Have improvement in my Japanese
2. Get a good internship
3. Try for 5A's again
4. Do well with my violin
Happy New Year people!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Err.. Happy Belated Birthday and Merry Christmas?

Oh! Did I mention? I've turned 21 years old. After all the fuss I made last year about turning 20, you would think I'll throw a bigger tantrum. For some reason, it just didn't register to me that I was turning 21. That, and the fact that I wasn't in the mood to celebrate my birthday this year.

That didn't stop my friends though. My birthday fell on the same day as Thanksgiving, so they planned a celebration a week before they left home for Thanksgiving.

#1. Went to Outback.

#2. Was real glad that they didn't embarrass me, and sang "Happy Birthday" in such a crowded restaurant.

#3. Decided dinner wasn't enough. Gone mad and went to the beach in our dresses and heels to take more pictures.


#5. Had Randy take a picture of us to remember the day before we return to our respected lives.

#6. Thanks gurls for dinner, balloon and card!

#7. The biggest surprise I got this year is probably from my parents. As usual, my dad and I went out for dinner for my big day. I've never actually receive an actual present from my parents before besides money and dinner. So, I was really surprised when they got me something.

#8. Words can't describe how happy I was. Not that I want a present for every birthday. But it is nice to actually receive one once in a while. I was and still am very happy to receive it. Thanks mum! Thanks dad!

#9. Bear with me here! Really happy girl opening her present.

#10. Never receive something that came in a long rectangular velvet case before.

#11. ^^

#12. Beautiful isn't it?! The picture doesn't do it justice.

#13. Thank god my dad has good taste. My parents chose this instead of a key because they think that one can only wear a key pendent necklace for so long. With this, I can wear it even if I 30 years old.

Speaking of gifts, I've received quite a few during Christmas.

Seriously, I do not celebrate Christmas. But when you live in a country where 90% of the people around you does, you tend to get dragged along into their celebration.

I have to say, this year, I've celebrated enough to last me for the next 2 Christmas holidays.

During my birthday dinner, my friends decided to do secret santa. They wrote each person's name on sugar packs, put them in a bowl, and had everyone picked one. The whole point is to buy a present for the person you've chosen without telling them you are their 'santa.' Hence, the name Secret Santa. We had two weeks before we gather for a Christmas party and exchange presents.

To be honest, I think they were too enthusiastic about Christmas. Well, I guess, anyone would be into Christmas, with all the nervousness of buying gifts, the anticipation of seeing the look on the person's face opening your gift, and the excitement of receiving on yourself.

#14. I never thought I would get to see the typical girls-getting-ready routine in real life.

#15. Aren't we adorable? We match too! We're into the Christmas spirit.

#16. Our gifts under the tree. Well, technically it is not under the tree but you get what I mean.

#17. Yes people. These two are my roommates.

#18. We believe!

#19. As I was saying, secret santa really works well. Everyone only had to buy one gift, and will definitely receive one as well.

#20. My secret santa is Michelle! Love the PJs. Thanks!!!

#21. Despite the Secret Santa party, two days later, Janae and Gabby gave me eye shadow and hand lotion for Christmas.

#22. A week after that, Michelle came bearing gifts for both me and Alyssa. Apparently, these aren't Christmas gifts. They are i-love-my-friend gifts. *roll eyes*

These may be small gifts, but as I said before, I am really happy. Whenever I think about all the little things, I have this warm feeling in my chest, feeling like the luckiest person. Lucky to have met them; lucky to be surrounded by them. How do you express such level of appreciation and gratitude? People need to invent more words because I can't find words that could convey what I am feeling. I guess all I can say now is, Thanks You!