Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Should I be polite or not?

Hmm, I don't know whether this is me being perasan or too sensitive lo. But I have this friend who is really weird. I only have one class with him and to be honest, we are not that close. But ar, he very weird one you know.

There was this time ar, we so ngam went to this presentation event together and he was sitting in front of me. So, of course I layan him la right? After the event ar, we have to sit the shuttle back to our dorms lo. He keep talking to me and I also a bit fan already lo. Should I have said,

"Err, we not very close only you know?"

But of course I didn't say that la. So, I continue layan him.

In the shuttle, he continue talking and talking. He some more sit beside me le. I mean, come on. The bloody bus is kinda empty you know. You could have sat a seat away from me, and I still can hear you! Never mind, never mind. I still okay.

When we were talking, he took his books out to explain to me what he was going to write for the paper. Not his fault, I was the one who asked about his paper. Didn't think he would take out his books and everything though.

Then when he was suppose to get off the bus (we live in different dorms, thank god!), he was supposed to be ready before we got to the stop right? That guy ar. When he reach the stop only start packing you know. I almost wanted to say,

"Err, aren't you suppose to get down here?"

But again, I didn't.

What was most shocking was, while the driver was waiting for him to get off, he turned to me and said,

"I'm suppose to get down here. I'll see you on next week in class,"

and hugged me!!!

Excuse me buddy! I am not the one who wants to talk to you until don't let you get off lo. You were the one who keep talking to me!!

Nevermind. I pretend like nothing and smiled, "Err, sure. See ya next class." and hugged him back. I mean, maybe I was overreacting.

But seriously la, I tried not to talk to him already. Sometimes after class ar, he got come talk to me, and almost like waiting to walk with me lo. Thank god those few times I also was engaged in a conversation with someone else, and pretend not to see him.

Or sometime I make up some excuse that I want to talk to the teacher.

Everything was fine till yesterday lo.

I was talking to other 2 friends and so ngam he nearby. And some more we all walking towards the same direction. *sigh* I was unlucky la, cause both my other friends turned a different direction half way, and I ended up walking with him. Luckily our destination not the same. I tried to get away ASAP.

Me: Sooo, where are you heading?
I started to slow down my pace as I reach Subway's entrance. He stopped too unfortunately.
Chris: I'm heading to the bookstore.
Thank god!
Me: Oh. Well, I'm going to Subway. I'll see ya around.
Turned to leave. Giving major signals that I want to leave badly. But he just doesn't get it. He came closer.
Chris: Okay.
Tried to hug me. *Sigh* I gave in.

So, I hugged him back. Stupid guy. When I said bye, I even turned my body away from him and was talking to him over my shoulder you know. Can't you get the hint! Gosh!!!

But from your point of view, do you think I was being oversensitive or what?? Should I just keep acting polite ar? Maybe nothing le hor?? How ar?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bored and busy at the same time

It's a wonder, really. How can one be bored and have a lot to do at the same time?

I always have a ton of work to do but yet I am still damn bored. Classes is in two days, and my assignments due on that day is still sitting at a corner gathering dust. Shows how lazy I am.

I rather eat, walk around campus, listen to my ipod, watch anime, surf the net, take long naps..basically ANYTHING than start my assignments.

Guess what am I doing right about now. Let me give you some hint.

Yup! Eating a Vanilla Chocolate Chip ice-cream by yours truly, Haagen-Dazs while watching anime.

Tell me, is it normally for one to slack off when she has only a day left to complete at least four reading assignments, and an everyday journal entry?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


As you all noticed, there has been a 'talk' about this "blow flower" incident that many claim to be my idea.

I would just like to clear up this misunderstanding and say that this was NOT my version of 'blow job.' Let me repeat, *ahem*


If you must know, it was all Cass's fault!

She's the one who is sniffing herself. The one who spread this around would be Xin Min's fault!!!

*ahem* Back to the topic. This is what happened. It was on one fateful day, when I was still in form 6, and we, as in the 38 gang, were chatting after school. I can't really rememeber, but I have a feeling that Cass was the one who brought up the topic about blow job and it went downhill from there.

It went something like this,

Cass: *talking talking about blow job*
I was confused but just kept quiet. Then suddenly it clicked.
Audrey: OHH!! I thought you all talking about what pula. Why call it blow job wor? Literally blow meh?
Everyone burst out laughing.
Cass: Literally blow? Blow flower come out meh?!

And that was what happened. So, as you can see. It was not my fault at all.

All I did was ask a simple, innocent question and now everyone keep saying I 'blow flower' or somesort.

I'm innocent I tell you!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Late wishes =P

Hehe! Now, this is not an excuse I made up. It is real, I swear! I thought of blogging bout B class(which I will talk about in other posts) just now but luck just wasn't on my side. I am having problem getting my pictures from my hotmail. So I guess I'll just have to wait till the problem is fixed to blog about it. =P

But there is a reason as to why I am posting this post today. I just want to say,


My dear mum and I

Sigh. Too bad I can't celebrate it with her this year since I'm half way across the world. But this doesn't stop me from wishing her happiness and wealth and health ^^ Don't work too hard and stress yourself ya.

Also, I would like to wish Aaron aka Gorilla Happy Birthday too. And a Happy Belated Birthday to Marcus and Kelvin. Hehe! Hope you guys had a 'smashing' birthday. Hehe!!

Aaron and Marcus

I can't remember why we took this picture but I think Aaron was trying to look cool and Marcus was admiring him. LOLX!!

Sorry Kelvin. I couldn't find a good picture of you so this will have to do. Sorry >.<

I would also like to wish Xin Min, my good friend and Jiun Shyong a Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry guys, I know it is kinda late but I was really busy =P

Xin Min

Haha! Sorry gurl. Was really busy so didn't get to wish you on the exact date. But at least I called to wish you right? =P

The infamous Jiun Shyong

I think he is trying to look cool too. Haha!!!

I'll try to update as regular as possible but I have an exam and quiz on Wednesday, another exam on Tuesday, reading assignments everyday, reflective journal and research for a writing portfolio due everyday and a homework assignment due on Friday (and that is only this week. Imagine this every week!).

So, do cut me some slack kay?

I just remembered that I forgot to wish my long lost friend, Kok Hong, Happy Birthday too. So, Happy Birthday!! =P