Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Ah~ Christmas this year. All I can say is, it was not as interesting as last year's.

I had to work the whole day again, but unlike last year, there weren't that many customers. The day practically crawled by. I blame the recession.

The only exciting thing that happened was the presents I received from my aunt and cousins.

My aunt gave me this cute Target gift card.

#1. Really cute! Its beard and hair are made out of velvet!!

No idea how much the gift card has (forgot to ask), but I really appreciate it! Thanks Aunty Tracy!

My cousins' gift was a little amusing at my expense.

#2. Angry Bird's pig

Yup. I got the pig from that famous Angry Bird game. They were trying to 'subtly' indicate something about my character in real life by giving me this pig instead of the Angry Bird. An insult to my character I tell you! *bangs fist on table

But since it is so adorable, I will let this thinly-veiled insult slide. *folds arm with nose in the air Lol!! Thanks Jamie & Haru!

Right now I'm trying to come up with a name for my alter ego, a.k.a. the pig.

For the past few days, my Spanish co-workers and I have been putting our heads together and this was what we came up with:

#3. List of potential names.

In Spanish, 'Feo' means ugly, and 'Gordo' means fat. I was told that 'Paco' is like an endearing name for little boys.

I really like Milo and Feo. But I don't want to be calling my pig ugly. So, I'm deciding between Milo and Gordo.

If you come up with any cuter or nicer names, let me know. I will put your suggestions into consideration.

Merry Christmas, everybody and a happy new year!

p/s: It has been decided that my pig is a male, so no female names please.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm back.. and I hope I'm here to stay

Whoa~ I have been away for a year now, give or take.

You can't blame me though. My last post was about Christmas. So, if i were to follow my blogging tradition, my next post would have been a recap of that particular year.

And let me tell you, it is a pain in the ass to write that post! Takes me days (literally) to write it.

A few days after that Christmas post, I told myself, "I'll write the 2010 recap year post later. Promise!" But 'later' always seem to come too soon. So, i kept putting it off, and without realizing it, 'later' became a year.

Well, at least I'm back now. I'm not going to torture my readers, or what's left of it, by going into every little detail of my oh-so-interesting life stories. No. I'll do a short recap of what has happened over the year instead. See how nice I'm being.

Now, let's see:
- I went to L.A. for 10 days
- Attended IMTA (International Model & Talent Association), a convention where Ashley Greene, Ashton Kutcher, etc. were scouted by managers and agencies
- Won 2 medals for best monologue and cold reading (among the top 10% of the contestants)
- Won a trophy for best actress award (among the top 10% of the contestants )
- I graduated from FGCU this Spring
- I turned 23
- I went back to Malaysia for four months over the summer
- Danny and I got to celebrate our sixth year anniversary together after 4 years of half-way-across-the-world-over-the-phone celebration
- I'm back in the United States, again
- I've got a new awesome phone
- I'm working at a sushi restaurant for now to pay back my student loan and credit card debts, and
- I'm studying for my GRE

I know. My life is a bore. You guys didn't miss much. Let's just hope it gets more interesting hence forth because I just discovered this new blogger app, and I have a pretty good feeling that you will be seeing you more often.

Fingers crossed.