Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year 2008

I've been dying to write this post since I missed my chance to do so in Year 2007. I had to wait for a whole year for this.

I just love looking back into the not-so-distant past to see what we've done and how far we've come along. That is why I love taking pictures because that is the only way I could freeze time.

Seriously, time is moving too fast for my liking. Can't it be any slower. But once I look back at all the pictures I've collected this year alone, I realize, maybe I have not been paying enough attention to time.

This year I've..

#1. Been to Give Kids the World.

#2. Celebrated Chinese New Year in FGCU..

#3. ..with my whole Chinese class.

#4. Goof-ed off in class.

#5. Met two amazing lab partners.

#6. Got 'STD' in Human Systems class.

#7. Went to Langkawi by plane..

#8. ..with my 3 great buddies, Heng, Jess, and Xin Min.

#9. Met up with Form 6 friends during our trip in Langkawi..

#10. ..and had a blast.

#11. Went to Tioman with Danny's family..

#12. ..and got to build a sand castle for the first time..

#13. and even had the privilege to bury Danny under the sand.

#14. Went to Singapore with Danny.

#15. Had the best experience watching a scary movie, The Orphanage with my 3 buddies.

#16. Had a lot of yum cha sessions with my close buddies..

#17. ..several with my Form 6 friends..

#18. ..and part of the old 38 gang.

#19. Hang out with my darling Danny..

#20. ..and my crazy sister in the middle of the night.

#21. Met up with old good friends like Natalie..

#22. ..Amanda Cheah..

#23. ..and Syed.

#24. Got to go out with Aulay, Jun..

#25. ..Boon Keat and Sooi Jin. Old gang! ^^

#26. Walked around KL with Jess, Xin Min, Danny, Heng Li and Jiun Shyong.

#27. Had an outing with my two closest friends.

#28. Got to know Jess's USJ 8 friends so much better.

#29. Spent a lot of quality time with my mum, sis..

#30. ..and dad.

#31. Bonded with my sister

#32. Got to go to Chili's with Danny.

#33. Went to Bon Odori for the first time.

#34. Went clubbing for the first time with form 6 group..

#35. ..second time with Danny..

#36. and third time with Danny's hing tai and Jun's friends.

#37. Found some guts to wear this out. I love this top! It is so cute!!

#38. Celebrated Sooi Jin's..

#39. and Jiun Shyong's birthday during my stay in M'sia.

#40. Learned about extra safety from Jess and Joel.

#41. Watched Aaron does his version of pout.

#42. Forced and fail to teach Jiun Shyong how to pout.

#43. Enjoyed watching Aaron's car ran out of petrol in front of my house.

#44. Gotten a heart attack by Danny's 'cute' look. LOLXX!!

#45. Taught Danny how to act cute with a lot of difficulty

#46. Got to see Danny wear specs once again. Feels like old time when we were still in school. ^^

#47. Met my newest family member, Yau Jiun Xiang for the first time. My new cousin brother.

#48. Taught mummy how to take good pictures. Took a lot of effort. LOLXX!!

#49. Celebrated our 3rd Anniversary at the Cave.

#50. Had the privilege to fly business class back to Florida..

#51. ..with fantastic services..

#52. ..and for free.

#53. Celebrated my birthday with Michelle, Lizzie and Alyssa.

#54. Curled my hair.

#55. Met great friend such as Drew, Kareem, Carter, Jeremy, Alyssa and Ashley at work.

#56. Had a performance with my Honors class.

I really regret not posting up all these hundreds of fantastic pictures during my summer vacation. Believe it or not, these pictures are not even one tenth of my collection. Totally learned my lesson cause I missed out on the opportunity of putting up these great pictures and videos, and the funny stories that go along with it. Will do so next year.

To be honest, compared to last year, I had a lot of fun in BOTH countries. I can't think of a moment that I did not enjoy myself. I got to have quality time with my family, reunite with my bf and so many of my old friends, and meet new ones along the way too. Couldn't have asked for a better year.

To me, this just means that if this year could be better than Year 2007, I don't see why Year 2009 could not be better than 2008. I can't wait to see what Year 2009 brings.

New Year's resolution:
#1. Learn to read and write Chinese.
#2. Finish memorizing hiragana and katakana.
#3. Aim for 5A's.
#4. Help both parents save as much money as possible.
#5. Get jobs to lighten family burden.

Happy New Year everyone!