Sunday, March 29, 2009


What should one do when he/she, namely me, want so many things at once?

I want to learn Japanese and Korean.

I want to finish learning my Chinese.

I want to do well in college.

I want to keep myself updated with the latest news.

I want to get a good internship.

I want to finish all my assignments.

I want to study for my exam.

I want to watch my anime and DBSK.

I want to update my blog about things that happen on that day and not a few days/weeks later.

I want to get more working hours to earn more money.

I want to go shopping.

I want to do well in almost everything I do or plan to do in the future.

I want to know if I am taking the right steps in order to get a good enough internship and maybe secure a job.

Can you imagine that this is the list I came up with just a minute ago. I want so many things but time conflict, no self discipline, and procrastination is standing in the way.

How should I organize my life so that I am able to achieve all my wants in two years?

Which step should I take first?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Apa lah.

Saya kena tulis saya punya blog dalam BM sekarang kerana dua kawan perempuan saya yang saya sentiasa cakap pasal tau blog saya sekarang.

Post yang saya tulis semalam ialah tentang mereka dan satu daripada mereka terbaca. Malunya!!

Mereka baru tanya saya kalau post itu ialah pasal mereka. Tak tau macam mana nak jawab balik. Jadi, saya tipu dan kata bukan, ialah pasal hal-hal lain. Mengapa la macam ini?!?

Dah lama tak tulis dalam BM. Sudah lupa banyak perkataan-perkataan yang mudah. Tapi sekarang tak ada pilihan lagi. Semua post saya pun kena tulis dalam BM kerana tak boleh tukar blog saya. Kalau tukar, nanti mereka tau saya tak mahu mereka baca.

Oh ya! Kalau nak comment pasal post atau hal ini, comment dalam BM ya!!! Kalau tidak, saya marah tau. Betul-betul marah ya!!!!! Serius ni!!!

Ups and downs

You know what. Emotions are such a complicated stuff. Sensitive too.

What I don't understand is, how can one be so happy at one time, then sad an hour later.

Maybe I was just being too sensitive.

Maybe I was being too outspoken.

Maybe they didn't mean something by it.

I always say that I am happy and everything, but I still am an outsider.

It is like I am in the group but not really included kinda.

I hate that feeling. It doesn't matter what I say when I give opinions, but it matters when I say something that they find unappropriated? Where is the just in that?

I am suddenly so tired. Tired of keeping up. Tired of pretending that everything is alright. Tired of being told. Tired of playing the naive and innocent one.

I am just so tired.

This is the fourth time this type of issue has brought tears to my eyes even when I don't want them to come.

What should I do? I am just so tired.

Monday, March 23, 2009




I was so nervous before, but now I feel excited and nervous at the same time.

I know it is not a very high position but it is one of my first. I have never really apply for any positions in high school. Too afraid I might end up embarrassing myself.

So, when we were renewing our Honors Program form, one question asked if we would like to apply for a position for next year. I was like, "What the hell," and clicked 'treasurer.'

Then last two weeks, we got an e-mail from the Honors Program talking about the election for new officers next year. I didn't think of applying at first cause I was scared. After the due date for applications, I was like, "Maybe next year."

Surprisingly, an hour after the due time, I got an email from one of the Honors Program prof (I think) asking if I still want to apply for the position. I was shocked. Then I thought, "It is not everyday I get a second chance. And if I don't do it now, who knows when I will get another chance again." So, after asking some opinions from Michelle, Alyssa, and my mum, I finally sent my info and my short speech to the prof.

The voting thing is online and it started from Friday through Monday.

Today, all Honors students got the email and it says,

"Treasurer: Audrey Chow 54%
Tony Mercurio 46%"

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!! I am so happy. Worrying will have to wait for later. I will savor this moment now!!! Heheh!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cowboy social

I went to my first social yesterday. It is a fraternity's social event: Sigep's Country Jam Social. Basically, it is a Sigep's fraternity social where Sigep boys from my college and some other colleges put together an event. Because this is a fraternity event, there are only going to be guys. So, the Sigap's are suppose to invite other sorority girls to the event. This also works in reverse. When a sorority has a social, they invite other fraternity boys.

Anyway, Alyssa is in a sorority called Zeta, and she got invited. She didn't want to go alone so she got me, Michelle, and Samantha (Alyssa's cousin) on the guest list as well. During all these socials, they usually have a main theme, and this social's theme was Country Jam, where everyone was required to dress up as cowboy or cowgirl.

Now I know why when my ex-roommates, who were in a sorority always have so much fun dressing up for these kind of socials. It is fun! I had my share of fun yesterday.

Let me show you a before and after picture.


#1. This is what I was wearing before the social. It was like an hour before the social begin, so we were still slacking around.


#2. Tada!!! Hehe! What do you think?? The theme was Country Jam. So had to dress up a bit like cowgirl la. I REFUSED to wear the cowboy hat cause I sure look damn weird one. This look was Michelle's hard work. Hehe! I had no idea what to wear so she and Alyssa were trying to come up with ideas what to do with me. Haha! I damn clueless.

#3. This is the process of turning me into a so-called cowgirl. We were getting ready while we wait for Alyssa to get off work. (The social didn't start till 10:30)

#4. My hair stylist. I really like what she did with my hair. She did two pigtails then curled it.

#5. I look damn weird here. At first, when I saw this, I was asking myself, "Aiyo. Damn weird. Will look okay or not wor?"

#6. Then it turned out like this. I liked it here but still find it a bit weird.

#7. Michelle was fixing her own hair.

#8. I like this picture of me. Hehe!!!

#9. I love how it turn out!! The hair look so much better with my outfit. About 80 percent of the stuff I'm wearing is Michelle's. The only this that is mine are my lingerie and shorts. Hehe! Thank you Michelle!!

Just so you know, the pictures here are mostly taken in my dorm because Alyssa didn't get off work till 11p.m. She had to go home and change, so she and Samantha did not get to our dorm till 12a.m. Guess what time we went to the social.


#11. Now, this is the part where Alyssa and Samantha are at our dorm and had their pre-party. Usually, they, as in everyone underage or of age here, do some shots and get kinda drunk before they go any party. That is what happened here. I think Michelle, Alyssa and Samantha got tipsy in 15 minutes.


#13. SWT!! Michelle wanted to take this picture cause she said she always see Mexican or cowboys take a nap like that.








#21. Me, Samantha, Alyssa and Michelle.

#22. I love these boots! They are Michelle's. It makes my legs look slimmer. Muahahah!!

#23. Believe it or not, this is consider a serious pose.

#24. You can sorta tell they are a tad tipsy here.

#25. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Can you guess what we were trying to do??

#26. Michelle, me and Alyssa.

#27. I have to say, I look pretty good here. Don't you agree??? Heheh!!

#28. LOLX!!!! Don't ask. There are even worse pictures compared to this but I don't think it is appropriate to show here. Hehe!!

#29. Just a heads up. There are gonna be quite a few of my ss pictures but just bear with it k? It is not everyday I get to dress up as a cowgirl.




#33. I should have captured the video. They wanted to take a picture with an invisible rope sorta pose.


#35. I don't even know what this is. Haha!!!!!


#37. We were suppose to leave for the social. Michelle and Samantha were already outside waiting. Alyssa and I went to the bathroom, so we took a few minutes to snap a few pictures.

#38. I love Alyssa! She is the only one who will pose with me everytime I take a picture. I can tell Michelle gets a bit fed up after awhile. Can you believe Alyssa and Samantha is two years younger than me. Even Michelle is a year younger than me. Damn I'm old!


#40. Alyssa and David. David is running for our student government this year. Imagine our reaction when we saw him drunk there. He is usually so composed and he always gives out this politician vibe. His personality did a 360 that night. Hahah!!

You wouldn't guess how I meet him. David worked at Honda when my dad and I went to buy a car. He sold us the Honda Civic. Poor guy. My dad talked to him for 6 hours before actually purchasing the car. David sure has patients.

#41. Laura, me and Tiffany. I wonder if any of you recognizes Tiffany. She is the other Asian girl who was in my Chinese class last year. She is also in a sorority but not Zeta though. She is in Chi Omega.



These are the only pictures I have of the social cause we arrived at the social an hour before it was over. Didn't have much time to take pictures. Ish! I even forgot to take a picture of the mechanical bull there.

#44. This guy is damn funny. During our short time spent at the social, guys keep coming up to the four of us. We believe they were attracted to Alyssa. There was these two guys who came first. But Alyssa and Michelle weren't interested, so half way through the conversation they pretended to see other 'friends' and left me and Samantha there. I was so scared so I went and pretend to see what Alyssa was doing.

The guy in the picture above is the funniest though. He was SOOOOOOOOOOO drunk! He even slurs when he speak. We were talking when all of a sudden he barged in and join our conversation. All we know is that he is from University of Tampa (UT). At first, he went up to Michelle and whispered, "Where are you guys going after this?" Michelle's reaction was so funny. She gave a duh-expression and said, "Home." Then when Michelle tak hirau him, he went to Alyssa. For some reason, Alyssa asked him if he wants to take a picture, he was like, "Yea!" Then when I was about to take the picture, he changed his pose to this..

#45. It was hilarious!! Alyssa was so shock but we knew he was drunk. Anyway, when we were in our car leaving the place, we saw him walking with his bunch of friends to the parking lot. We wanted to get his attention and say bye to him but he probably was too drunk to notice what was happening around him.

We honked, and yelled. Since we didn't know his name, we kept calling him "UT" Haha!!! People who were walking next to him had to help us get his attention. Then, when he spotted us, he ran towards our car, open Alyssa's door, and hop right into Alyssa's LAP!! Hahah!! And he wouldn't get out. Samantha droved around the parking lot for a bit cause we didn't know what to do with him. Michelle kept pointing at random people at the parking lot and yelled, "Hey! There are your people. Go to them!" Haha! Finally, we really found his group of friends, but his friends wanted to hop in the car as well! Thank god they were sober enough to stop. The 'UT' guy didn't get out till one of his friends asked us, "Do you want him in or out?" and all of us shouted, "OUT!!" Finally got him to get out of the car. Haha!!

#46. On our way back to the dorm.




#50. Samantha and I.

#51. LOL! Samantha wanted to act as the pimp, and we were suppose to be the hooker I think. Hahah!!!





#56. I love this picture of us. By the way, did you realize how many pictures I have with Alyssa. Up till this point, Michelle does not even want to take a picture. Hehe!! I think she said, "I only take pictures at the beginning cause we look nice and fresh. I look like crap now, I'm not gonna take a picture," or somewhere along that line.

#57. I want to clarify a bit here. I didn't force her to take this pic k? She wanted me to help her take this one. Just clarifying, if not people will think I'm a stalker or some sort.



#60. Samatha looks like the pimp counting her money after her hookers went and did their 'job' Haha!!

#61. Alyssa.

#62. Michelle making macaroni and cheese while waiting for Gabe and Tommy (Michelle's friends) to come. Bear in mind that this is at 3 in the morning. God knows why we are still up and drinking eating at that time.



#65. We were trying the less slutty cowgirl version.


#67. If you are wondering why I took this picture, it is because this is the first time I got the X mark on my hand. I always see my friends going out and getting the X mark and now I got mine. It basically mean you can't order alcoholic drinks at the place. It is also for the bartenders to see so that they know not to sell you alcoholic bevereges too.


I didn't drink other than a few sips here and there. Although we didn't get to go to bed till 5a.m. I had fun. I think Alyssa has another social coming up and she might want to get us on the guest list again. We also just got invited to a birthday party this Wednesday at Ultra (a club). Don't know should go or not. Although I didn't blog about it, I've been going out to shopping and socials this whole week. Got too much homework piled up now. Maybe I won't have to go. We'll see. Will try to keep my blog as updated as possible. Till then~