Friday, January 30, 2009


I seriously did not want to write this post but finally decided to do so anyway. I want to write this cause this is sorta like my journal. I want to look back 10 years from now and see how I was living my life at the age of 20.

I do feel kinda pathetic. I mean, to cry at my workplace. That sounds pretty pathetic to me.

I don't know why I suddenly started crying. I tried to hide it. I went to the bathroom to cool myself down and everything. Didn't help much when my friend came up to comfort me. The water works just started flowing without my permission. Even worse when the person who made me cry saw me crying. Haha!!

It wasn't entirely her fault I guess. I was holding a lot in and it just came out all of a sudden.

What made me sorta pissed/annoyed was, I always clean one station then move to the next before she came along. But she said I shouldn't do that because I was too slow and I had to follow her way, which was faster.

Today, when I was wrapping the stuff up and everything, she told me I shouldn't do that because it is too slow. She said I should clean one station by one station.

Excuse me! I was wrapping those stuff because YOU told me to do so 5 minutes ago! And I usually clean one station and then move to the next but you told me it was too slow. Now that I followed your directions and do what you told me to, you are telling me to do it just like how I use to??!?!? This is just messed up.

Okay, I know some of you may be confused about what I am talking about. And I know this may not sound like a thing that would make a person cry but this wasn't the only time she was criticizing me. She is just all over me ALL THE TIME.

My friends who worked with me are funny. According to them, I need to grow some balls and shout back at her or smth.

The weird thing was, she always thinks that I am talking about her behind her back when she is the one talking about me behind my back. She went to my friend, Ashley and told her that I was making a big deal out of this and I was pouring oil into fire. Somewhere along these lines. And she said she was talking to me in a very calm and soft voice. Haha!!

Ashley almost went off on her. Ashley said that she was not talking to me in the so-called calm manner she claimed she did. And Ashley said she told her to let me do things at my own pace.

The thing is, I didn't say anything back because I was afraid I was really moving too slow. Sometimes, when you say things, you can never take it back no matter how much you want to. I was afraid that if I did say something back, I would never be able to take it back and would regret it. But I guess it was too much to just keep it quiet. Seriously didn't expect myself to cry. So embarrassing.

I am lucky though. All my friends were really supportive. They said I was not the one in the wrong. Even my mum supports me. They were saying that maybe it is because I don't say anything back that is why she is always all over me.

She told me before she left that she has good news. She said she will tell the manager to move her to the day shift. Meaning, I will work at night and she will work in the morning. I told her I didn't cry because of her. I didn't want to make a big deal out of this. Maybe part of it was her fault but maybe it was also part my fault too.

I seriously don't know which is which. All I know is, I feel damn pathetic right now for crying at work and I am really glad all my friends and mum supports me. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I realized that many people wrote a Chinese New Year post and then abandon their blogs. Understandable. It is Chinese New Year and they do have to go enjoy the holidays rather than sitting in front of their computers/laptops to update their blog.

I had a wonderful Chinese New Year last year. I got to enjoy Chinese New Year with my Chinese class, make dumplings, etc. Just tons of fun.

This year was plain. Besides the constant shouting of "Happy Chinese New Year" from my roommate Michelle, and exams/assignments/quizzes, it was more or less like any other ordinary day. Michelle was a tad crazy that day though. Once she found out it was Chinese New Year, she started shouting and texting me, "Happy Chinese New Year," even when she is only two doors away from my room.

I love having her as a roommate though.

She brought me to Target to do some grocery shopping today. You wouldn't believe how much I spent on groceries alone. Well, groceries and clothes I would say. But try guessing. I broke my previous grocery shopping record of $60.

I love those clothes. First I picked this..

#1. A St. Patrick's Day t-shirt and a work out pants. The t-shirt is too cute to pass. I'm still thinking if I should return the pants or not because they are a bit expensive and I might not need them. Or maybe I might. I don't know. Also, a sports bra. They were so cute.

Then, while I was changing, Michelle came to the dressing room with these..

#2. LOVE THE SHORTS!! Got two of them. One green and one khaki. Michelle match them up for me.

#3. The khaki shorts. There were two more outfits that Michelle picked but I didn't really like them. Only got these.

Later, when we got home, we cooked dinner together.

She made marinated chicken and broccoli, and I made marinated shrimp and rice. We make a pretty good team. ^^

#1. Michelle and her chicken

#2. Microwaved broccoli. Hehe! Taste pretty good although they are only microwaved broccoli.

#3. Me cooking shrimp! This is actual proof that I did the cooking and it is edible seeing as both of us are still alive and well.

#4. My perfect rice.

#5. Tada! Our dinner.

It was sorta like a wonderful day out with my fabulous roommate. I think I need to listen to Michelle and go to the gym with her the next time she goes. I am getting fat. Can't you tell from my pictures. Face getting too round for my liking.

New Goal: Slim down for my cousin sis's wedding.

p/s: Btw, I spent $113.80 on groceries today. Crazy huh? You should have seen my reaction when I was paying for it at the cash register. Classic. Note to self: Watch how much I am spending.

pp/s: Got exam tomorrow. Wish me luck. I mean it. WISH ME LUCK!!

ppp/s: Hehe! Almost forgot. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Loooooooooooooong Week

Phew! Finally the week is over. Well, not exactly over but to me.. it is! I had a crazy and stressful week. Luck wasn't even anywhere near me at all this week and here is why..


#1. Plan: Contact an actual organization to get permission to tailor all my Public Relations (PR) promotional pieces(news release, campaign plan, brochure, pitch letter, etc.) I will be working on in my PR Writing class. Doesn't sound so bad right.
Reality: Martin Luther King's day. No where is open. Damn!
Solution: Call on Tuesday and hope I could get their approval before my due date on Wed.

#2. Plan: Write a 3 pages long essay for Principles of Rhetoric and Argument due at 9:30a.m. tomorrow.
Reality: Freaking laptop crashes when I was about to start! DAMN IT!!
Solution: Stayed up till 4:30a.m. writing down my essay in note book and type in library tomorrow.


#1. Plan(day): Type essay in library at 7:30a.m., class at 9:30a.m., advisor meeting at 11a.m., watch Barack Obama's inauguration live, go shopping for Coach bag cause got sale, read book for Civic Engagement class, class at 5p.m.
Reality: Not enough freaking sleep to last the whole day!
Solution: Change of plan. Finished my essay, watch inauguration on youtube, skip shopping, fix laptop(got a new internal hard drive), contact organization and took a nice nap before class.

#2. Plan(night): Finish reading for Civic Engagement (one of the reading I had to get from the Bible =.="), watch inauguration, finish PR campaign plan and organizational summary, finish 2 pages essay, proposal for project and the inauguration report for Civic Engagement class.
Reality: Shouldn't have started with the Bible. Feel asleep before I got to the 3rd page. Didn't finish ANY of my readings. Freaking laptop got a Didn't have the disk that I needed to install the program into my laptop so that I could use my printer. Couldn't print a thing.
Solution: Woke up at 6a.m. Skim through my reading. Kinda bullshit through my essays and inauguration report. Ask roommate for printer. A tad late for my 12p.m. class but finished all assignments.


#1.Plan: Finish reading Intro to Marketing.
Reality: Fell asleep after 2 pages.
Solution: Woke up early to finish reading.


Anything planned on Wednesday did not work at all. New plan.

#1. Plan: Finish work fast so that I could finish reading before 3:30. Finish Case Study Essay before 5p.m.
Reality: Freaking hard questions and did not understood a word!!! And too sleepy to concentrate.
Solution: Reread half the chapter to understand. Was 5 minutes late again. Damn!

Friday (Today):

#1. Plan: Go to Leadership Summit(kinda like a workshop to learn how to be a leader. Had a lot of fun there!) from 10-4. Work from 4:30-10:30p.m.
Reality: Too sleepy(not cause boring but cause not enough sleep) during Leadership Summit till I was considering on walking out half way. Too freaking clumsy and too slow during work.
Solution: Kept repeating, "If you leave now, you are gonna miss out a lot" in my head. Work: Hurry the hell up!!

That pretty much sums up my week. I hope I do not get another week like that. I have a real huge problem with punctuality and sticking to my plan. I should work on that shouldn't I?

p/s: Mum, I don't think red is my lucky color anymore. I have been wearing something red ALL WEEK and this happened. You have to check on that again. Haha!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kansas City

Okay. Update on American Idol. Nothing big happened.

I only remember several who I thought were good. There is this guy who I think lost his wife not long ago. He was really good. There were two nerds that really stand out too. And another guy called "Nap-dog" I think.

AND!!! Jason Castro was there too!!! Remember the 4th runner up of last season's American Idol. The guy with dreamy blue eyes and dread locks.

#1. Jason Castro. Remember now?

This time his younger brother, Michael Castro auditioned!!

#2. Michael Castro. The guy with pink streak in his hair and holding Jason's picture.

It was pretty interesting to watch his younger brother audition. I was so scared for him cause if he didn't have a good voice like his brother did, it would have been pretty embarrassing. Also, with Michael telling the judges that he has never sing before in his life, and just started singing 20 days before the audition wasn't really reassuring. But he did pretty well for someone who just started singing a month ago and he got in! Jason was like, "I'm astounded. I've never heard him sing before." Haha!! Jason is such a nice and sweet guy.

Can't wait to see the other auditions. You'll see a lot more of these short American Idol posts because I've never watched American Idol from the VERY beginning before. So, I find it very fascinating.

And I want to show you the new judge, Kara DioGuardi.

#3. Randy, Kara, Simon, Paula and Ryan. I still find it weird to have 4 judges.

Last but not least, I want to show you the slut girl in bikini who gave Kara an attitude and made out with Ryan.

#4. Tada! She had a pretty good voice. But if she didn't had an attitude, wore something appropriate and did not make out with the host the day she meets him, I would have had more respect for her.

Her reason for wearing like that is so that she could stand out. She said something along the lines of, "I can feel myself stand out among the rest already. They are all staring at me." Of course they are staring at you. You are wearing a freaking bikini!

And before she went in the room to auditioned, she told Ryan that, "If I get the golden ticket, I'm going to make out with you." Ryan answered with, "Err. I think it's against the rules" After she got her ticket, she came out saying something like, "Where is Ryan so I can make out with him." and she did.

Gosh! I don't know whether I should say that she is daring or just plain.. okay, not gonna finish the sentence there. Well, good luck to her in gaining respect because she can't pull something like a bikini stunt again during the competition.


One thing great about US, is that most of the things, you can return before 14-30 days. Not to mention customer service is fantastic here.

I was talking to my dad yesterday while we were having dinner at P.F. Chang's (again). I mentioned how good customer services are here in US. All he said was, "They are suppose to be like that." I find it fascinating cause my dad and I have been living in different countries for over 18 years now. So, when I come to the United States and I get such great services, I can't help but compare it with M'sia. He has been so used to these services that he found it as natural.

As most of you know, I am VERY picky with food. I hate it when I specifically told the person making my food that I don't want something in it (or I want it in a certain) and he/she still gives you something else, apologize and make me pay for something I don't want.

I remember one time.. actually, several times, when I would go to JS yumcha with Danny and his hing tai. I would order a burger with nothing but bread, chicken and tomato sauce. The first time, the guy would make a mistake, apologize and make me pay for it. The second time, when I specifically told him about what happened previously and emphasize him not to make that mistake again. Yet, he still made the same mistake and he dare bring the freaking burger to me, say sorry and ask for money. I should have listened to Yuen Loong that time when he told me to tell the guy, "Kalau salah tak payah bayar." I didn't though and I soo regret it. Up till this day, whenever I think about it, I still get mad.

Now, here in US, such thing doesn't even exist! Have I told you before how I got chicken wings as appetizer, lamb chop with mash potatos and aussie chips (french fries) as my main course and a refillable cup of coke, all for free?? I even got to box my leftovers back home (which is very common here). That is because the service was pretty bad. The manager herself came up and said, "Don't worry about it. You are covered" and all we had to pay was the tips.

I am not being bias here. At P.F.Chang's, my dad ordered some kind of vegetable but did not finished 2/3 of it. The manager saw this and asked what's wrong. My dad said it didn't taste very good and we didn't have to pay for that dish.

See what I mean? It is all about keeping a profitable customer relationship. Think of it like this. You might have lost several hundred bucks on small dishes or meals, but gain customer's respect and trust. This will make them keep coming back for more. I find this as common sense which the guy from the mamak at JS lacks/is in desperate need of!

Well, yesterday, my dad got free stuff from Staples (a place where they sell pens, pencils, paper, ink, etc.) that was just opened not long ago. They were giving out mouse pads, staplers, coupons, etc.

#1. Isn't this cool?!? We can put our picture in our mouse pads.

#2. Got this too. A huge stapler for free. According to my dad, it is nice to use. But not going to cause I like my small faithful stapler that has been with me for 4 years now.

I just think that Malaysia could do so much better if they just stop being so kiam siap.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good God!

Oh my goodness!! Did any of you see the American Idol newest season?

It seems like there is a new judge. I find it kinda weird to see an additional member at the judge panel, but maybe I am just not use to her yet. At least, Paula now has a girl friend.

I have to say though, the contestants are getting younger and younger. Most of them are like 16. I think it is because of David Archuleta. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE David Archuleta. I'm just saying that people must have think that since there is a 16/17 years old guy making it to the top 2, they might make it too.

Many of the young ones were good though. I like the kid who makes his own horror film, the guy who is really big but had a fantastic voice and the guy with the impaired eyesight.

One girl was kinda a slut though. I don't want to sound mean or anything, but coming in to an audition in your bikini is not the best way to win people's respect. And it is definitely not the way to win one of the judges' respect by saying that she sucked. And to make out with Ryan, the host of the show. Yea, I'm sure she will earn some "respect."

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next episode tomorrow.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I am such a klutz that it is not even funny anymore.

For some reason, I keep cutting myself. I have a total of 3 cuts now. Got them like souvenirs of the day or something. I even got them 3 days in a row!

#1. I got this on Friday at work while I was cleaning.

#2. Got this on Saturday while I was in the shower. God knows how I got this.

The good thing is, it is not noticeable cause it is covered when I wear my pants. The bad thing is..

#3. hurts when I am studying cause I usually lie on my bed like this to study.

#4. It is as if my body wants me to show off these souvenirs I get. So, somehow I ran into the door today(Sunday) at work and got this.

I wonder what other souvenirs I will get tomorrow.


Yup! Life is out to get me. As expected, I got another cut today.

#5. Can you see that? Not as big as the others but a cut nonetheless. Got this when I was trying to grab something out from my bag. My finger ran across the edge of the file and viola.. a cut. It sucks because it is like a paper cut and it hurts like hell!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Suddenly felt so blessed

I have been having the best two days in a row: yesterday(01/07) and today(01/08).

Yesterday, I was really suppose to be studying. I had to read two chapters and write two essays. I was so desperate motivated to finish my homework and go to bed before 2a.m. that I chose not to go to the gym with Michelle(roommate/great friend) and Alyssa(classmate/work friend/great friend) or watch anime.

Unfortunately, when they got back from the gym, I was persuaded to study outside in the living room area while they have their dinner. Michelle had a friend over and did not want to be alone with him. So, Alyssa and I were suppose to accompany her. Bad idea. Did not do a thing but chat, laugh and gossip.

I kept saying that I had to study but I put action into those words. I was just having too much fun. Tiffany joined us after her cheerleading practice.

Oh! Have you seen Tiffany, my other roommate?

#1. Tada! Michelle and Tiffany.

As I was saying, Tiffany came home from cheerleading practice. The five of us, were talking and laughing like crazy. Actually, Michelle, Tiffany, Alyssa and I talked. Michelle's friend just sat there and listened. Poor guy.

Then Eugene(don't think this is how he spells his name), my RA came along. Gossiping and chatting lead to him teaching me geography and history cause I sucked at it. They were talking about Russia, South America and some other places. But I had no clue where anything is besides Malaysia, Singapore and America. I didn't even knew what Hitler did. In my opinion, he did a great job explaining and would make one hell of a history teacher one day.

#2. This was what Michelle was doing during our chatting session. She is a clean freak. When she sees something dirty, she HAVE to clean it.

Alyssa, Eugene, and Michelle's friend didn't leave till around 12 in the morning. Made my roommates take a picture with me in our going-to-bed-soon looks.

#3. Me, Tiffany, Michelle and Lizzie.Finally I got the whole group. They seriously are great roommates.

Didn't start studying till 12:20a.m.. I took 5 hours to complete one reading assignment and one essay that was due at 9:30a.m.. Went to bed at 5a.m. Seriously against it cause I have been sleeping before 2a.m. for 5 days now. Totally ruined my record.

Anyway, I had another reading assignment and essay due at 5p.m., so I took whatever time I had left to study for it. I studied when I was in the shuttle, during my morning class, when I was at work. Anywhere and whenever I had the time. I finished in time even though I was a tad bit late for my class. Everything turned out alright in the end.

I thought I was going to sleep once I got back from class but ended up watching college football with Michelle in her room. According to her, it is the National Championship or something. All it is to me is football. At least I learned the game today.

Quite interesting, especially when it was University of Florida, Gators team vs. Oklahoma University. Michelle was going crazy with screaming of frustration and/or joy. Gators won 24:14. Wohoo! Go Gators! We are planning to buy their Gators shirt when they come out this weekend.

#4. Me ss-ing in Michelle's during commercial breaks.

#5. Florida vs. Oklahoma. Go Gators!

#6. Us getting ready to go to Publix for cookie dough during the game's half time.

During a commercial break, Michelle suddenly decided that she wanted to make cookies. She only had one cookie mix but she misread the instructions on the back of the packet. Instead of putting only half a cup of water into the mix, she poured in 1 1/2. She was too in a rush I guess.

End result: Too diluted and couldn't be used anymore.

So, we took advantage of half time and rushed to Publix (another supermarket like Giant or Target) to get another one.

#7. Publix

#8. Michelle in a rush.





Anyway, if you noticed the shirt she was wearing, it was one of the Gators shirt. If you didn't, the sales manager surely did. When Michelle was paying for the cookie mix, they gave her a FREE cake.

#13. F for Florida with a 'football' next to it.

We were so lucky! The thing was, they were closing since it was around 9:40p.m. at that time (they close at 10p.m.). Since they had some cake left, they were going to throw it away cause they can't keep it for too long. So, they decided to give it to Michelle, seeing that she is a Florida fan.

#14. Michelle was so happy that every time she sees the cake, she goes, "I can't believe I got the cake for free!"

#15. It was delicious. Would have been perfect if icing wasn't too sweet.



Several days ago, my Honors Program sent me an email to me saying that I have to drop by the office because they wanted to give me something. The first thought that crossed my mind was, "Did I do something wrong?" Couldn't think of a thing and certainly wasn't expecting that that was the thing they were gonna give me.

I cannot believe they've picked my as one of the two person entitle to this thing out of the many other students. I am so grateful for it. I really really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

I also just found out today that, I.. let me quote the email.

"..have been selected to represent the students of the Honors Program on a panel that will discuss the future places for an event center to be built onto the Honors Hall."

I do not know to be really happy or be terrified. When Dr. Kelly told me that he and Carey picked me for that thing because they see potential in me and I have been pretty active, I was happy of course, but I also felt nervous and a bit terrified.

I am not telling all this to brag or anything. I am just wondering, this is a good thing right? I am feeling more pressure though. Not that he intended on putting any. I just do not want to let him down when he has such high expectations.

The good part is, this definitely motives me to study harder because I kinda get rewards(big or small) in the most surprising ways and times from time to time. Self satisfaction being one of it.

A quote that my Intro to Marketing teacher said that had me thinking.

"If you don't know where to go, ... "

Okay, I want to ask a favor from you. Can you please tell me what you think the next part of that quote is? Leave your answer in the comment box k? Please. I really wanna know what you think. Even if you are just a silent reader who don't usually leave comments or anything, just answer this question k? Thanks.

You guys suck. Anyway, the answer to that quote is,

"If you don't know where to go, any road will take you there."

Don't you find that motivating. I did. The best thing is, this applies almost to everything. Seriously. Sit down and think about your life and where you are heading. Makes you realize a lot.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Second day of Spring '09

Honestly, it wasn't as bad as yesterday.

Had trouble getting up early in the morning though cause the class was at 9:30a.m. I had to wake up at 8:30a.m. to take a shower and get ready.

I think the professors this semester are out to get me/us(students) because this is the freaking first week of class and we already have essays, quizzes, reading assignments due the next class. Damn!

I was kinda sorta unlucky. Or maybe I am lucky. I don't know.

What happened was, I tried to act smart in my Intro to Marketing class today.

#1. Part of my Intro to Marketing class. See my prof. there? He is the one in orange.

When my prof. asked who read Chapter 1 before coming to class. I pandai pandai go raise my hand when I only read less than half the chapter. There were several other students besides myself who did raised their hands too but out of the freaking 50-60 students in the crowd, he spotted me. I wasn't even trying to stand out or anything. My hand was barely off the table when I raised it. I swear!

Then I knew I was in trouble. Cause he said he want to memorize everyone's names, so he went around the class taking down our last names. After that, when he started his lecture, guess what? The very first question he asked, he freaking calls on me. Double damn! I wasn't even looking at him.

Thank god I got it right. If not I would be so embarrassed. My roommate, Michelle said that at least I left a good impression. But doesn't that mean I will HAVE to keep up that good impression?

Note to self: Read the freaking chapters before class!!

Went to dinner with my dad after class. He saved my life cause I didn't have anything else to eat besides cereals, cookies and bread.

We went to pay our phone bill at AT&T first..

#2. AT&T. Better than Wan Kit's Verizon. Hehe!!

#3. We were looking at the iphones. My 2-year contract has expired, so I can sign another contract and maybe get another phone for free. ^^

..then we went to P.F. Chang's.

#4. P.F. Chang's outside.

#5. A glimpse of what it looks like on the inside. Pretty high class-y kind.

#6. Failed attempt to take a pic so self. Recently, I've been having prob keeping my hands steady. Need more practice.

#7. Dad and I.

#8. Out appetizer, steamed Peking Dumplings. Usually we don't order appetizers, but I was starving.

#9. Dad.

#10. Apparently, first pic not nice wor. So, have to take another one. LOLX!

#11. Finally, the classic restroom pic. Since no Jess or Xin Min to ss with me, I have to ss myself.

That's about it. Have 3 classes tomorrow but at least I don't have to wake up till 10a.m. which is good. Need to go study now. Got at least 4 reading assignment (6 chapters) to read by tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep everything on track this sem.

I know my posts have been a little boring, but bare with me. I don't have much a life here, so this is the best I can offer in the mean time.

I really wonder, do you actually read every single thing I write in here, word for word??

p/s: Friend at work have been asking me to go over his place for a cook out with my other co-workers. Just to eat and hang out. Should I go?

First Day of Spring '09

Well, it wasn't that bad. I mean, the professors just kinda gave out the syllabus, talked about what we would be doing in class. The usual, you know.

Then my Theories of Human Communication professor started talking about how we are going to have quizzes every week. And how she wants our final group presentation to be WELL RESEARCHED. How each person in the group need at least 5 citation and what not.

Later, my Public Relations Writing professor talked about us writing an essay every week. How we are going to choose an REAL organization and request to help write promotional pieces (news/press releases, brochures, PSAs, Pitch letter, etc.) for the company. How we are suppose to invite the REAL client to come in our class and listen to our oral presentation so that they could consider publishing our promotional pieces.

Yea. It's just the usual. Nothing special.

I hope tomorrow is not as usual as today though, or I am not gonna be able to hold on to my new year resolution (getting 5A's).


Remember where I work? At SoVi. Campus dining area.

#1. SoVi Fresh Food Company. I should take it when the sun is setting. When the sunlight hits the water at the right angel, it just makes a breathtaking and relaxing sorta pic. Will do so when I get the right timing.

I had to work yesterday (Sunday). I was suppose to go in at 4:30p.m., but my manager called me in at like 2:30p.m.

#2. My manager, Ted. He is the best. Really nice guy! Dunno if he allows me to post his pic up here or not. Hope he doesn't see this. Hehe!

Worked all the way to 10p.m. Was suppose to stay longer but had a really really bad migraine.

You know the one where when every small little noise you hear is like a loud banging in your head? Or like when the lights are blinding your eyes that it makes your head hurts more? Or like whatever you smell makes you feel real nausea? Yea. That's how mine was.

It was so bad that I had to leave work early and when I took a pill for it, my dinner came right back up my throat and into the toilet bowl. Not a pretty site. Gross!

Couldn't even get a peaceful sleep cause my freaking 'neighbor' who lives in the next building had his/her stereo at the highest volume. Since his/her room is next to mine because both our buildings are like next to each other or sorta joined, I could hear his/her stereo. Every beat sounded like there was a hammer banging on my skull. I seriously, almost, went over to his/her dorm in my ugly sweater and pajamas to give him a piece of my mind!

Anyway, I just found out that my manager is giving me 15 hours of work a week, which is what I wanted. Thank god!! I thought I would have to find a job somewhere else to get my hours cause the last time I checked, I only had 2 shifts (which is only 10 hours). Now I have 3! Yay me!!

Thurs: 11-3:30p.m.
Fri: 4-10p.m.
Sun: 4:30-10p.m.

Also, just found out, that I am only getting paid $8 an hour but my friends are getting $8.50. Don't know if I should talk to my manager about it or not? If I do, what am I suppose to say?

"Hey, how come she is getting $8.50 an hour but I am only getting $8?"

Even that sounds stupid/rude in my head. So I figure I would let it slide. They treat me really nice. So it should be fine.

We'll see how it goes. I'm getting some shut eyes now. Got a 9:30a.m. class tomorrow. Toodles~!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good old times

Time really is moving too fast. Spring 2009 is about to start in 3 days. I've just received syllabus for 2 classes and they are already giving me a headache. Imagine getting 4 more.

This semester I am taking 6 classes. No, I am not crazy. One of the class is just a reading class which I HAVE to take. Imagine writing 3 essays every week! Damn!

Not to mention my timetable suck.

Mon: 11-12:15 (Theories of Human Com.), 12:30-1:45 (PR Writing)
Tues: 9:30-10:45 (Principles of Rhetoric Argument), 4-4:50 (Creative Prof.), 5-6:15 (Intro to Marketing)
Wed: 11-12:15 (Theories of Human Com.), 12:30-1:45 (PR Writing), 2-4:45 (Civic Engagement)
Thurs: 9:30-10:45 (Principles of Rhetoric Argument), 5-6:15 (Intro to Marketing)
Fri: 4:30-10 (work at SoVi)
Sun: 4:30-10:30 (work at SoVi)

Compared to my last semester, Fall '08, where I only had classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, this semester's timetable is just too hectic. I wonder if I could keep up.

Actually, I am trying to get another 5 hours shift of work at Subway cause I want to work for at least 15 hours a week. Hopefully there is still a spot left for me. If not, I am hoping I will be able to work at my aunt's place. Well, whichever one will do. Keeping my fingers cross.

I miss those times when I was still in Form 6, how we(38 gang) used to goof around, especially when exams were not looming over us yet. When MPT5 drawing closer, we (Xin Min, Karine, Carol, Florence and I) were practicing for our performance with Jess, Ley Yeem and the rest on tow. Those were the days.

It was so relaxing and less stressful.

I regret not having pictures or videos when I was still in USJ13. I just love those high school years. Having the NOISIEST but THE BEST class ever. Understandable, because our class consist of all boys and only 9 girls.

With Danny sitting next to me, Xin Min hating me along with her gang, Aaron being abused by Yu Lyn, Yuen Loong and Joshua up to their mischevious self at the back of the class, Xin Min holding the buku poteng when she is out lepaking, half of the class walk out the back door when Pn. Subihah comes in the front, Fook Siang, Jiun Shyong, Marcus and many others bursting in our class at times, gosiping with Natalie, Andy, Edwin, Jake and Boon Keat, laughing with Natalie as I trick Syed to walk across the room just to ask a Math question, seeing half the class bullying Yuen Looi, seeing Syed and Shaun at the other end of the class laughing, making our Sejarah, Add Math and Fizik teacher cry, writing a sorry note to our form teacher, watching Danny hover over Add Math teacher while she marks our Math paper to check if he or Syed had a higher grade, experience the intensity as the whole class copy each others answer before our homework is due, and so much more.

How I miss those days.

That is why I am always against getting older. It is hard to imagine how we are going to hang out together again when everyone else is busy with work, husbands/wives, and babies.