Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aussie Trip Week 2 part 1

Do you know what am I doing at this very moment? No? Well, I am lying in bed after another day of 'exciting' self quarantine with Danny snoring quietly next to me. Isn't this sad? No. We are not and did not have sex, just in case many of you are wondering.

This is so boring. All we did for the past 4 days is wake up, eat, watch movie (in Danny's case), read fanfiction (in my case), eat again, bathe, go to bed and repeat it all over again the next morning. This is seriously depressing.

But you know what is more depressing? Going through the pictures you took during your Aussie trip and realizing that you should have uploaded them on the day it happened itself. But noooooooo! I am too lazy to move my lazy ass and do it then. So here I am stuck with 1795 pictures and not having the slightest clue how I am going to post them all up!!!!!!! Damn it!! FML!!!

*ahem* Here goes.

The second week. I am really glad I decided to go cause this trip was worth it. There were some ups and downs but I guess the important thing is I have fun right? *cough*bullshit*cough*

Now, where do I start? Ah! Yesss. Lunch at Jun's aunt's place. It was at the suburban area. Very peaceful there. Her aunt plants like a thousand things in her back yard. And she is damn hilarious. Reminds me of Jun's mum.

#1. See her? She's standing behind me. She actually cooked for all of us. Thank you aunty!

#2. Did I mention that she is a great host as well. She keeps bringing out stuff for us to drink and eat. The gurl in the red shirt is Ju Lee, aunty's daughter. We talked to the both of them for hours. The have like never ending stories stored in their brain or something. Never felt bored nor awkward at all when we were at their place chatting. Thanks for having us aunty, Ju Lee.

#3. Random. Jun/Chapman bought this mask off ebay for 50 bucks. Isn't it cool?!

#4. Okay. Honestly, I wasn't doing much. I just like playing with food, especially melted chocolate. I think we decided to make dessert after Jun's aunt's place.

#5. Jun is actually the one doing all the work. Tofu is so cute!!! Jung-Hann, no point hiding your face cause I am going to tag you on Facebook and tell people it is you anyway.

#6. Viola! Dessert! Btw, banana with melted chocolate taste damn good!!

#7. In case I did not formally introduce him in my last post, the guy in this pic is Chapman Mong. He is Jun's bf, thus this pic picture of them looking 'lovingly' into each others eyes. Hehe!

#8. And this is me with MY bf. LOL!!

#9. We went for dim sum the next day. These are abalones by the way. Damn they are huge!

#10. Us having dim sum obviously. Duh!


#12. I guess you could say we were lucky cause during this trip we were able to witness the Walk For Harmony. From what I know, since there are so many races living in Australia, they have this walk to remind people to hold peace or something like that.

#13. This walk took up the whole street and a whole hour. We would know because Jun was trying to catch a tram to somewhere for her dance training but was told by an officers that the tram won't be working for another hour. Lucky her eh~

#14. At least we got to watch the lion dance..

#15. ..the, er, longer lion dance..

#16. ..women playing drums while dancing..

#17. ..the marching band..

#18. ..the colorful firetruck..

#19. ..and the, er, bagpipes, drumming performance.

#20. I love this place. It is amazing how people can build a city but still keep some ancient-ness in it and make it work. Haha! Do you understand what I mean?

#21. Edited: Had to replace this picture on the request of Wai Leng and Tuck Lian. Hehe!! Met Wai Leng and Tuck Lian at Melbourne Central. Too bad Wayne was asleep. The daddy damn bad. Keep saying because I've got a face problem, that is why I have bad timing and can't play with Wayne. Stupid Tuck Lian! Heheh!! Nice seeing you again Wai Leng. Hhahaha!

#22. State Library.. i think.

#23. Danny and I in front of the presume State Library.

#24. Jun said this was a nice picture but to be honest, this is a picture Jung-Hann took when I was mad at them for not wanting to take anymore pictures for me. Hehe!

#25. Of course with Sooi Jin there with us, pool is a neccessity. It was expensive though. $16 an hour.

#26. Jun made us dinner that night. Once again, I was too slow for anything else other than stirring, so that was all I did. LOL!! It was fun cooking with Jun.

#27. Especially when we get to take many silly pictures while waiting for the curry to be ready.



#30. Okay. I know this is a bad impersonation of trying to kill someone but it is easier said than done. Don't believe me? Go try pretending to kill someone. Wait! Scratch that. Don't try. I do not want to be held responsible for any accidents that may or may not happen. Once again, DO NO TRY THIS AT HOME!!

#31. Jun's famous Japanese curry.

#32. It is really delicious despite it's, err, unique look.

#33. I don't remember why we took this pic. Must be because I look good in that hat. LOL!

#34. Don't ask.

#35. LOL!! Again, don't ask. Danny is just too nice to me. What is wrong with me? Always torturing my poor bf. I love you Danny. Hehe!

#36. This was taken the next day in Jun's bathroom when we were getting ready to go for brunch.

#37. This was funny. We were taking a picture in the lift when suddenly the door opens. LOL!! Embarassing!

#38. The reason Jung-Hann is hiding behind a tree is because the two of us had a little war going on between us. It is more like me tormenting the poor boy. I keep taking funny pictures of him and he keeps giving me the best reactions when I threaten him with them. Haha!

#39. I have no idea why Jun is making that face.


#41. The noodle there was really good. Actually most of the places Jun and Jun-Hann brought us to eat is really good. It's just too bad Aussie people charge such high prices for them. Gosh! Do you know how much I spent on food alone?

#42. Apparently, Jun is drinking a warm milk tea with some kinda a jelly.

#43. I just stick to the old milk tea with pearls.

#44. Hahah!! Jun loves to grope Jung-Hann for some unknown reason.


#46. And he wonders why I always torments him. Haha! He makes it too easy. Hehe!!

#47. I love their chairs. It's a swing I'm sitting on, in case you were wondering.



#50. Believe or not, these are not cupcakes or whateva food that is that popped up in your head. They are soap for bubble baths.

#51. I love the hat or whateva that is I am wearing. I should have bought it. But it was $29. Hmm, should I have bought it?

#52. Hahahhhha!! Guess what's wrong with this picture. Hehe!! Sorry Jung-Hann. Don't worry. I am not that cruel. I won't post the other pictures without your permission.

#53. Had another round of steamboat that night with Kelvin and Yvonne.

#54. SOOI JIN AND CHAPMAN!!! Hahaha!!! They look so much like them. This was on one of the bulletin board at Jung-Hann's apartment. Damn freaky!

#55. Went to Crown that night. Damn I love this place. Lost $50 to this place. Still love it though!

#56. It was like 1 or 2 in the morning when we finish playing roulette at Crown. Trams stopped working I think, so we walked back. Despite the cold, I love the walk back. I barely notice the cold actually.

#57. Found a new purse on the way back too. ^^

#58. Too big to carry it back though.

#59. Now this is interesting. This is the day after when we went to Smith Street for shopping. Danny had to go, so we were able to take a look at the public toilet. Haha!! Do you know that the door will open 10 minutes after it is being used. We were laughing at Danny non stop. And we heard freaking music in the toilet too!! Haha!!

I have to stop here now. I really didn't want to split the post but the amount of pictures I have is too much for one post to handle. Besides, it is freaking 7:30am!!!! I need sleep. Good night!

p/s: Jung-Hann, if you are reading this, do not post them yet. I am not done with my blog. I will not be afraid to use the pictures of you if you do so!! You have been warned!! ^^