Saturday, April 24, 2010

First step to becoming a mangaka?!?

Okay. So, I was just trying my luck at drawing a few minutes ago. Don't think I will be a mangaka (comic artist) when I grow up (when I grow up?!? What am I? Five?!?).

It started with my cousin, Jamie.

#1. Meet Jamie. Say hi people. =.=" I can be so lame sometimes *roll eyes

Recently, she has been drawing a lot of manga out of interest; She's really good at it, for a beginner.

These are several of her attempts.

#1. She started with pokemon(s). She's been drawing them according to pokemon pictures she finds in the internet. She even have friends requesting them now. Lol!

#2. She is moving on to 'Chibis.'

I think part of the reason why she started is because of her fascination with anime.

#3. Meet Toshirou Hitsugaya (One of the anime, Bleach characters). 'He' is my cousin's pet. Yes. 'He' is a water marble. Yes, she is obsess with Bleach.

If Histugaya is real, he would be her husband. Jun, you have competition. =P Apparently, Hitsugaya is Jun's husband as well. Hitsugaya, are you two timing?! =.="

#4. These are MY pets, Sakura (pink) and Syaoran (blue).


Jamie got this book that teaches step by step how to draw chibi characters, and she has been drawing more frequently.

#4. Now, she has her own collection of drawings.

#5. Bunny Girl

#6. Secret agent.

When she was drawing just now, I noticed she wasn't following the steps as the book instructed. So, I was trying to explain to her how following the steps would help (draw outline first, etc.) cause I have a friend (Yuen Looi) who does that.


She insisted on drawing it her own way. Since, she looked like she was really enjoying herself, and the picture LOOKS (looks can be deceiving) easy enough to draw, I joined her in drawing one myself.

And mine turned out like this..

#1. My very first attempt at drawing a 'Chibi Girl.' Easier said then done!!

#9. Left to right: Original, mine, Jamie's

Okay. I will admit, I started drawing with the intention of showing Jamie that if she follows the steps, her drawings will turn out better. I was hoping my drawing will turn out soooo good that I could go like, "NAH! In your face!" That way, maybe she will start taking my advises. Didn't work as planned. Who knew drawing could be so hard.

I have a whole new appreciation for manga drawings. Now, whenever I read manga(s), I will never ever again mutter under my breath at how the head is smaller than the body, the guy doesn't look as hot, the girls' boobs look unnatural, it should have been drawn it this way/that way, etc.

I shall appreciate your hard work and enjoy the drawings as much as possible. So, to all mangaka(s) in the world, draw with pride!

Oh Happy Day!!!!

Today has got to be one of the happiest day of my life.

First, I must tell you. I have had the worst week ever.

Four days ago, I just realized that I have to move out of my dorm by next Friday, have to look for a place to stay before that, have to get an internship before May 1st, have to study for my finals, have to pack.. basically,there are a lot of have to(s).

Today's events turned everything around!

I went for a haircut with Janae at 'The Rock'.

#1. Janae got highlights. Haha! She is going to kill me for putting up this picture.

I love my hair now by the way. Of course it helps to have one of the coolest hairdressers ever.

#2. Jay and I. Coolest hairdresser ever!

Then Janae and I went for sushi at my aunt's. Had a satisfying meal.

Seeing as I was homeless at that moment, I asked my aunt if I could live with her.. and she said yes!

Wait. The best part has yet to come though.

On the way back home, I got to see an owl. (And no. This is not the best part)

#3. Isn't that cool. I have never seen an owl up close, till today.

I was happy so far. Great hair cut. No longer homeless. Got to see an owl for the first time. I was more or less in a happy mood.

Then I reached home, turned on my laptop. Checked my e-mail as usual, and........................







Wait for it.....................








OMG!!!!!!!! I was ecstatic. I was screaming, jumping up and down, you name it. Calling my dad and friends shrieking! I even left my professor (she is in charge of internships) a voice mail telling her the good news. I was practically insane for at least half an hour.


Okay. For those of you who are confused, let me explain.

I went for an interview at Fox4 Morning Blend on Monday. It is a TV broadcast, and I had a great experience there. I job shadow-ed an intern, and got to see the behind-the-scenes stuff. I really wanted the internship! Before I left, the executive producer told me she would call me the next day(Tues) to tell me if I got the intern.

I waited.. and waited.. and waited. By the end of Tuesday, I was devastated. I was pretty much 100% sure I wasn't going to get the internship seeing as they haven't call me, but I wanted a confirmation.

So, I sent a thank you e-mail to the executive producer to thank her for the opportunity, but also to get a response from them, even if it is a confirmation that I didn't get the intern. She didn't respond for almost two days. Finally, today, when I checked my e-mail, she replied,

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer you a FOX4 Morning Blend
Internship. Please let me know if you're still interested and your
start date, we can work out your schedule.

OMG!!! You really have no idea how happy I was/am.

End of story.

From being homeless and jobless to having a home and job for summer is fantastic news.

Hence, the good day~

But I still have finals and Japanese homework that I need to take care of. At least my finals isn't as tough as Janae's. She has anatomy (or was it physics) final exam next Monday, so she has to learn approximately 400 note cards.

I crack up every time I see her stack of note cards that she has to learn/memorize. She has the most interesting study system I've ever seen.

#4. She makes up categories to see which one she needs to go over and stuff. Humor aside, this is a pretty good study method. I am thinking of adopting it.

And that concludes my happy day story. I am still so happy whenever I think about the internship. Starting to get a little nervous but I shall do my best! ^^

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Whao~ It's just like me to abandon my blog for several weeks or so.

Exams is around the corner though. And I have group projects every week, quizzes popping up every where. It's no wonder I am missing in action. Well, yes. It is also cause I am lazy and do not have a life. So there is nothing much to post.

What I have been doing so far? Hmm, I am currently sick. Not sick sick. Just coughing and about to lose my voice. No biggie. Have been hanging out with my roommates a lot. Just small outings. Nothing worth mentioning.

Oooo! I have my interview for my internship tomorrow. Pretty nervous about that. Just hope my voice will hold out till then. Gonna go to bed early today. The meeting is at 8:15a.m. and it's about half an hour from my school. But I am leaving at 7a.m. just in case I get lost. Don't want to be late and give a bad first impression. And yes people! I WILL wake up! Don't look down on me k!

That's all I have going on for me. Will update when I have a life! See ya~