Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to me~

Well, seems like my birthday is finally here and I feel so old right now. This year is gonna be my last teen year and I don't have any close friends to share it with. Isn't this great?! My roommates were kind enough to treat me ice creams though. They just took me out just now for ice cream and it was really sweet. Sigh, that was the only exciting thing that happened on my birthday. Fantastic~
Anyway, I can't think about my birthday now. I have too much assignments to weigh down my happiness. I was struggling with my critical analysis paper for two days and thank god for the writing center! At least now I know what to write for my 750-1000 words essay but hope i do reach750 words or I'm screwed. After this week I am free!!! I can't wait. Well, I was gonna wait till i get the pictures from my cousin but she is taking forever so i thought i just post this picture of us during thanksgiving first. I love this picture. My hair was perfect and so was my smile. Life is great sometimes! These are my cousins by the way. REAL distance cousins. Sigh, i wish i had a camera with me. I would be able to take millions of pictures then.

Jessie, me, Jamie and Eric

Well, I got to go back to my essay now. Wish me luck on my essay ya! Hope i can finish in time and still get a good grade. I'll try to post more photos here some other time (if i can). Nitex~

Saturday, November 24, 2007

One down, five more to go. Yay~

Yes! I finally finished my reflective journal. Trust me when I say it is not as easy as it looks. It took me exactly 2 days to finish it. Well, we can't exactly count thanksgiving day rite? I mean, i had to work till 3, went out with my dad till late at night. Anyway, i took some pictures with my distant cousins on thanksgiving day. I'll post them up as soon as i get them from Jessie (my distant cousin). Hmm, so tomorrow I am gonna finish my critical analysis and the I'll finish my speech by Sunday. Ooooh, I hope this time everything goes according to plan, though i highly doubt that it will. Hehe! Anyway, got to go and catch a 2 hours sleep before waking up for work. Night~

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Hehe! It seems like Danny might be right after all. I did not finish my reflective journal in time. It was harder than I thought. But I am exactly 50% done. I will definitely be done by tomorrow. Anyway, I was hoping I could go catch the 'August Rush' movie tomorrow after work with my dad but we'll see how thing goes. I sooooo need to finish this journal by tomorrow, or my whole plan is screwed! I really want to get A's for my classes. Do wish me luck. Nitex~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving break officially starts right now. Well, while others are celebrating and eating turkey at home, I will be studying (I hope) and working. Yay me~ Anyway, I am hoping that i could finish 2 worst assignments ever that I have been holding off for a long time -- my reflective journal and critical analysis essay. But, I do have plans on getting them done during this break. So, my plan is..

11/21 : Finish Reflective Journal
11/22 - 11/23 : Finish Critical Analysis Essay
11/24 : Revise Chinese characters & Special Occasion Speech
by 11/25 : Finish my reading assignments

Hehe! I do hope I could stick to my schedule and everything goes smoothly. Though, if Danny is reading this right now, he would probably say, "You say you will follow only but always also become lazy at the last minute one." Well, I'm gonna prove him wrong this time! I am determine to stick to this schedule!
Speaking of Danny, he is not having such a good month. I do hope he feels better. I miss him soooo much that sometimes it scares me. Not being able to see him for such a long period of time makes matters worst. I feel real bad right now for not calling him for such a long time cause I was so caught up with all the activity, work and assignments I had. Hmm, I think I'm gonna call him before I go to bed today. Anyway, my eyelids are getting heavier by the minute, so I'm gonna get some shut eye now. Nitex~

Monday, November 19, 2007


I just realised that with each post, it is getting shorter every time. And this is going to be ral short too. It is more of a reminder to myself really. I got to finish my math, write criticle analysis and reflective journal and start preparing for my speech. Hehe! Thats all. Anyway, good luck to Xin Min, Karine, Jessica, Ley Yeem, Cass, Carol, Bao Yen, Heng Li, Florence, Steven, Ragu, Micheal and all those who are taking STPM right this moment. All the best! Nitex~

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Too sleepy to write a long post today. I wasted too much time on watching anime and french nails that i did not study at all. Well, at least i read a chapter of intro to education at work today. Maybe I'll be able to finish two chapters by tomorrow. Hopefully I could come up with a topic for my special occasion speech soon too. Study! Study! Study! GO DWEE~ hehe..

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Nothing much to say today. Last day of work, and went out with Lisa to aero-what's-it-called. I bought 2 shorts, a skirt, a shirt and a long sleeve shirt for only 10 bucks. Hehe! It was on sale. The shorts and skirt was only like a dollar and the shirts were $2.99. Isn' t that great. Almost everything was on sale now. What bugged me the most was a scarf and a matching cap that i really wanted, but after a really LONG debate and thinking, I did not get either since my friend and dad convinced me that I had no use for it here in Florida. Sigh~
I should really start studying. Finals is like right after thanks giving break and all my assignments are due that time too. Just hope I don't get side tracked again by petty stuff. Well, gotta go to bed now, or i won't be able to wake up for work tomorrow. Nitex~

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thank God & Wish Me Luck

I finally finish my online Practise Test. I was so afraid I would not make it on time. I used up all my break time to finish it. But tomorrow I'll have to do my Online exam. Wish me luck. And after the Thanksgiving Break I have a special occassion speech, a critical analysis essay, reflective journal and 4 final exams. Wish me luck! Guess I won't have any time to rest during the break.
Anyway, I'm quiting my subway job this semester. Well, it is more like taking a break for the upcoming exams. Though I'm not sure whether I will continue working there next semester or should I get a job at the library. It is so confusing. So much to plan with soooo little time. Gosh!!
Hmm, it seems like i did not post anything yesterday. Well, that is probably because i went to bed at 6:30p.m.. Hehe! I did not mean to though. I planned on taking a nap till 9p.m., then wake up to study for my Practise test but i ended up sleeping till this morning. It would have been a peaceful 'nap' but my roommates decided to talk as loud as they could at 3 IN THE MORNING! Can you believe it! They were talking like they were across a football field or something. Woke me up at least 4 times.
Hopefully I could get some good rest tonight. Need to wake up for my last day of work tomorrow. I hope i I am not late again. I have always been late to everything and I am starting to regret it. It might cost me my public speaking class's grade. I just realise that i was 5 times late to my public speaking class. I hope it does not have too much damage on my grade, or any chance i have of getting an A would have flown out the window. Wish me luck~ Nitex!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What a day~

Hmm, what should i say today. Oh yea! Remember I said i was going back to bed for 2 hours yesterday (technically it was this morning, REALLY early this morning, but you know what i mean)? Well, i ended up just lying awake on my bed for the whole time till my alarm clocked went off at 6a.m.. I was just too wide awake to fall back asleep, so i end up taking out my trash at 6 in the morning. It was FREEZING outside i tell you!! Even though there is no snow in Florida, it is still as cold as hell! (err, i know hell isn't exactly cold but you catch my drift) And i had to take my shower at 6 in the freaking morning too.
Hmm, nothin interesting happened through the whole day. Just took my finite math exam and got a freaking 80%. I should have double checked it! Stupid me. If not, i would have gotten a 100%!! Oh well~ Got to classes as usual. BORING~ Hehe! Oh yea! My chinese class friends and I were suppose to go out to a chinese restaurant to eat but everyone end up ffk. One thing i notice about Americans is that, they always make plans but never ever act on them. They were so excited about the dinner, then next week it was like the discussion never took place. What is all that about. (No offense Americans).
*Yawn* What else should i write? Maybe I should tell you my study plan that always never goes according to plan. I've been planning to finish my assignments last week and I still haven't done half of them. But I'm sure I'll finish it this week cause they are due soon. Hehe! Well, you know me, I'm always a last minute person. Anyway, got to go get ready for bed and say good night to my lovely boyfriend, Danny, before hitting my reading assignment. I'm sure tomorrow's postin would be soooooo much more 'exciting' than today's. Its gonna be alllllllll about work. Yipee...Nitex!

Headache Sucks!

Sigh, stupid headache throws off my whole study schedule. I was actually planning on writing my reflective journal and do a bit of my reading assignment before bed, but the stupid headache got in the way. What is worst, is that when i went to get my headache medicine, the stupid bottle would not open! Stupidest packaging ever!! Who seals a headache bottle so tight, that it takes a person's headache to double just by opening it. I swear, if i didn't have a headache, i would have gotten one just by trying to open the stupid bottle!
Now, i will have to do my homework tomorrow and hope i would finish it soon since it is due this coming week. And wish me luck for waking up at 6a.m. for my class observation appointment with Estero High School. Bloody hell! I have to be at that school by 7:10a.m.. What kind of school starts that early!! (No offense to the school or anything) Even SMK Usj 13 did not start that early!
Well, got to go continue my beauty sleep now. I actually fell asleep after taking the medicine and it is now 4a.m. Hehe! I should go back to bed to continue my 2 hours of sleep. Nitex!

Monday, November 12, 2007


To be honest, i don't even know why I am starting this bloggy thingy. Isn't this like how people just write what they did they whole day and published it on the internet so that everyone could read it? What is the different from publishing our own personal journal?
Anyway, I just thought it would be cool to simply write down stuff here. It is just like talking to myself really. So, what should I talk about? My day? Well, I went to work, fell asleep at work, then came back, eat pizza, online till now. Wow! I've been online for more than 10 hours now. Crazy man. I should really be studying now but everytime before i start, i end up being distracted doing other things. Bad habit. Wonder what would mum or dad say if they knew. Hehe! That is okay though. It is not like they would be reading my blog anyway.
The whole day was kinda boring, but I was talking to Jun on MSN just now and it stills cracks me up! We were talking about how our kids were going to address each other and she had a few not-so-nice ones for me. I mean, "Aunty Nonsense" is bad enough, but "Aunty Chilli" or "Aunty Padi"?! Comeee onnn!!! Well, at least mine wasn't as bad as her's, "Aunty Spastic." Hehehe!!!
Why am i writing so much in here anyway. It is not like anyone is going to read the whole thing. I noticed that people usually go on other people's blogs to see their pictures, which, I'm sorry to say, there won't be any that will be posted here. This is a place where i vent out all my stress from homework and lack of social life. Yay me~
Now i need to end my conversation with myself and start studying before i get side tracked again. Nitex!