Thursday, October 30, 2008

I need a life, badly!

I got friends that ask me lo, "Eh Audrey, why you don't post the parties you go to when you in US one? I always here you say play computer and study only. Like nerd la."

The problem is, I don't go to parties. Cause they mostly require me to drink and I don't. So, when I don't drink, people here kinda look at me funny. Harder to mix around la.

And since I don't have a life besides studying, surfin' the net and watching anime, I can only provide lame pictures.

I took these bunch of pictures when I was in my 8am class yesterday. It shows the journey from my class all the way back to my room. Real lame. Sorry, I don't have a life. Hehe!

Hehe! Was taking picture of my ring during class lecture.

This stupid guy put his leg up so high till I can't see the professor lo. Rude much!!

Anyway, from here on, these are pictures of the hallway and what I see along the way when I walk to the shuttle.

Hehe! I met my ex roommate and forced her to take a pic with me. =P

I really really like this picture. There was this time when I was walking pass this place (we call it breeze walk), I suddenly stopped because it was mesmerizing. The wind was blowing, clear sky, sun was out, freshness of the morning.. just perfect.

This is a pic from the library entrance. Close up on the fountain. Well, not much of a fountain though.

This door leads to subway and taco bell.

It's empty here cause it is 9 in the morning. Usually it is so packed and noisy that you can't even hear yourself think.

A pic of taco bell's product. Had my first since I came back from Malaysia. Damn delicious!

After I got on the shuttle, this is the North Lake Village campus area which I live in.

The End. LOLX!!! Lame hor. It was funny though when I was taking all these pictures. Everyone were looking at me like I was crazy cause I kept walking and stopping every 20 steps I take to snap a pic. There was this guy who was walking towards my direction saw me snapping a picture at his direction. Then I heard him say to his friend, "How do I look?" LOLX!!! Dunno whether he knew I heard him or not.

Since no SS partner like Jess and Xin Min here, this will have to do. Will try to get a life soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Let me repeat.


Like I don't have enough on my plate already!!! DAMMIT!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It just hit me

It hasn't been till recently that I realize that my grades are dropping.

Maybe it is because of all the time I spent on anime and not much on studying.

Or maybe it is because I always do last minute studying (and I really mean last minute, like few hours before exam/assignment/quiz) and it is not as effective as I think.

Or maybe it is because whenever I get a good grade on a previous test/assignment/quiz or from my previous semester, I thought I would do as well. So I end up not putting that much effort in studying.

Or maybe.. I dunno. I am not certain what the reason is.

One thing I am certain though, I need to put a lot more effort in my studies this last half of the semester if I want to maintain my GPA and for some other reasons I rather not say out loud.

Let this be my declaration to all about my change of attitude and most importantly, a reminder to myself. I just hope I am not too late.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Sigh. I am in such big trouble.

I have an exam and paper due on Monday, quiz on Tues. Yet, I am still on the net surfing for good anime to watch and sleeping/waking at odd hours. I've pass the stage of laziness. I am now at the stage of failure!

I have to ask.. What is the thing that would motivates a person to study?

A picture of me TRYING to study =P

Seriously, everytime before I sleep, I have the motivation to study. But, when I get up to study, I feel damn sleepy again.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Joke of the day

Once I heard this, I HAD to share it with you guys. It is another piece of evidence to show how 'stupid' my sister can be at times.

I called her yesterday to wish her luck on her PMR ma. Then after talking for a loooooooooong time, she passed the phone to my mum. This was when my mum told me the joke. My mum was laughing and she said my sis did something damn cha dou.

My sis was texting with her friend. They were chatting and her friend ask if my sis has transport to god knows where. Then my sis said don't have cause my mum has to work. Her friend was curious I guess, cause everytime ask my sis about transport also say "mum working." Then her friend asked,

Friend: Ooo. Your mum working as what wor?
Being the blur Amanda she is..

She works at a porn shop.


LOLX!!!!! My sister is damn funny lo. Let me show you a picture of my mum.

Imagine my mum working at a PORN shop!! Hahahahaha!!! Choi!

p/s: Just so you know. My mum doesn't work at a porn shop. She works at a PAWN shop. Hehe!!