Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aussie Trip Week 1

Seriously, swine flu did not even cross my mind when I am here in Aussie. Okay, I am still paranoid, so I will still wash my hands and everything. Seeing how people here isn't even worried. Gosh!

Well, Danny and I mad a fool out of ourselves I guess.

#1. LOL!! We wore it for 10 hours. Damn stuffy. But better safe than sorry right?

#2. Had steamboat for our dinner the next night. All bought at Victoria market and prepared by Jung-Hann's bro ourselves.

#3. Took this during the one hour walk from the vet with Jun. I seriously look like those sakai tourist that has never seen buildings, trees or road. The scenary here is fantastic. This pic didn't do it justice though.

#4. Where can see this in Malaysia. The cool chilly weather probably has something to do with my extensive appreciation for my surroundings.

#5. We were crazy enough to eat ice cream in the middle of the night when it is freezing!! I complained a lot on the way there but ended up getting the ice cream anyway.


#7. So niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

#8. Flinder Street Train Station.



#11. Finally got to meet Wai Leng! Hehe! Met Wayne for the first time too!!! He is so adorable~

#12. Awwww

#13. We were at Wai Leng and Tuck Lian's restaurant eating wit everyone including Kelvin and his gf, Yvonne ^^

#14. LOL!!


#16. HAHAHAHHA!! Sorry Tuck Lian! I have to post this up!! Too tempting. Hehe!

#17. Got this bruise the first morning in Aussie when I was ATTACKED by both Jun and Danny. They were trying to wake me up. LOL!!

#18. A few days after that, we went to the Great Ocean Road. Too damn early lo.

#19. The gang! Jun had to go train for some dance thing.


#21. 3 guys that are barely turn 21 trying to rent a car.


#23. So peaceful.

#24. Hehe!! Who say Danny is tall.



#27. This was damn fun!!!

#28. You didn't think I got up that thing on my own did you? LOL! Danny had to help me all the time. Haha!!

#29. Keng le~

#30. Entrance to Great Ocean Road.

#31. One of the 12 Apostles.

#32. We were lucky. We got to get a glimpse of a whale. Well, its tail at least. Hehe!!



#35. Love the scenaries.

These are the few pictures that I have. I actually uploaded half of these 4 days ago but didn't have time to write. So I am doing a very short one: part of week 1. Will upload the rest soon.

The reason why I want to upload it now is cause I want to wish Sooi Jin a Happy 21st Birthday. We just celebrated his birthday with Jun, Chapman, Danny, Jung-Hann, Kelvin, Yvonne, Tofu, and I.

#36. Happy 21st Birthday Sooi Jin. Took this pic just now. He said that he looks like a porn star wor. Looks like he is trying to seduce Tofu here. Haha!!

Anyway, Sooi Jin, hope you like the shoes we got you! Put it to good use! I know, I know. You are happy to have us here to celebrate your birthday with you. Especially with me there to make it more enjoyable. LOL!! Hope whateva you wish for comes true ya! ^^


Xin Min said...

So NICEEEE!!!! =)

kh said...

pic #18 is geng-chau-ness whole lot effing nice!!
i think its the only nice pic... haha..nolaa....

WHOAAAA tuck lian has a restaurant in melbourne?!!! and he has a kid too right???

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

jessieloi said...


Lucky you went Ms Audrey. Imagine what you'd miss.

Dwee said...

Xin Min,
LOL!! The place is more nicer than the pics. These pics don't do them justice.

You bugger!! I took a lot of effort to take all these pics and you only praise one of them! Haha!!

Yup!! Do you know Pui Zhen? I almost met her too but was too lazy to walk to Tuck Lian's shop and see her. His kid is sooooooooooooo cute!!!!

Haha!! Yea yea yea. I'm glad I went