Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Year Later..

Even as a graduate student, I am a procrastinator. I wanted to avoid studying for my midterm, so I went through all apps I have on my iPad. When i came across my Blogger app, I was curious as to see when I last updated. Unsurprisingly, my procrastination skill has not dull one bit. I am still writing my blog posts once every year.

The funny thing is I have at least four to six unfinished drafts throughout the year that will never be posted. They usually only consists of a title and a few errant thoughts of what I wanted to write.  At least I am not the only one who has not been updating. 90% of my friends have abandoned their blogs in 2012. Those with actual readers, such as Audrey Ooi, Timothy Tiah, Suet Li, are of the minority now.

I am not going to say the number of my posts will improve. According to my sis, I have the habit of not doing something after saying it (or in this case, written it) out loud. Her theory is, once I've talked about it, I felt like I have DONE something and would not actually do it. Confusing, but a very accurate observation of my character.

I miss blogging. I started this blog with the intention of having a diary, but I did not take my laziness into account. Last night I was thinking, "I need an app that functions as a diary without having to do much work." And viola! Audrey Ooi just wrote a post about an app, Dayre.

#1. My newly made account. I registered about 5 minutes ago.

According to Audrey aka fourfeetnine, this is a faster, shorter version of blogging. A place where she can register her random thoughts that did not seem to have a place in her long blog post.

As per her recommendation, I am gonna give it a try. Let's see how long my fascination over this new app will last.

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