Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bad luck ( T.T )

I can't believe my luck today! I think it must be because bad luck had a talked with good luck and the conversation went something like this...

Bad luck: Hey good luck, you've been following this victim for quite some time now. Why don't take a rest and let me take over?
Good luck: You're right. I've been following her through most of her exams and i think i should rest now. My good luck power is about to run out. I should go back and charge. You go ahead and take over.
Bad luck: Okay. No problem. I'll take good care of her. I'll do my best to give her the 'best' day of her life. Take care.
Good luck: Thanks! I owe you one. I"ll be back in two days. See ya.
Bad luck: Bye ^^

...Sigh, it must be like this and I think bad luck was doing a hell of a job. I was full of bad luck today! I stayed awake all night the day before to watch anime and prepare for my math exam. I was all perky, getting ready to go out in my polo tee and a short pants. But once i stepped outside, it was so chilly that i had to run back in my dorm to get my jacket. I didn't even have time to change into a longer pants. I thought that was okay cause it was just a minor bad luck thing, but I didn't know the shuttle that usually take us from the dorm to the main campus stopped going around today. I think it is because today and tomorrow is declared 'study day' to let students study before their exams. But lucky me, i didn't know so i had to WALK ALL THE WAY to the main campus in my PLATFORMS!!! You have no idea what a pain it was! Then i thought, "Never mind. Just take the test and you are free for this semester," so i kept walking. But what made me mad the most was I MIXED THE DATES OF MY EXAM! It is suppose to be on Thursday and I went to the class 2 days earlier. So stupid!!! After all those fuss, I had to walk ALL THE WAY BACK TO MY DORM! It was a pain in the ass i tell you!!!! I'm not surprise if my feet has blisters. I am so not wearing platforms to my exam this coming Thursday.
Anyway, after that morning disaster, i thought i was free of bad luck for the day, but no...Bad luck still has something up its sleeve. After taking a nap, i woke up and did my sewing. I am currently working on a cross stitch sewing thing. I'll take a picture and post it here when i am done sewing. Back to my tragic story. I was sewing and all, then after two hours i left my table and went to get something to eat. When i came back, i realise i lost my needle. I thought it must have dropped on the floor when i got up to get something to eat, so i went down on my hands and knees looking for the needle. But it was like looking for a needle in a haystack! What's worst, the floor is covered with mat so it was even harder to look for it. I spent 30 minutes patting every inch of the floor hoping to feel a prick on my hand, and when I finally was about to give up, i found it hidden behind the threads of my sewing. What a waste of time. My hands felt raw since i was like rubbing my hands against the floor mat. Sigh, so I think 'good luck' must be really proud of 'bad luck'. It did a wonderful job of making my day more 'interesting'. I 'can't wait' for 'bad luck' to come back and visit me again next time. I'll be so thrilled! I better go to bed now to start fresh again. I might need my strength to 'play' with 'bad luck' tomorrow. Good night~

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