Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to me~

Well, seems like my birthday is finally here and I feel so old right now. This year is gonna be my last teen year and I don't have any close friends to share it with. Isn't this great?! My roommates were kind enough to treat me ice creams though. They just took me out just now for ice cream and it was really sweet. Sigh, that was the only exciting thing that happened on my birthday. Fantastic~
Anyway, I can't think about my birthday now. I have too much assignments to weigh down my happiness. I was struggling with my critical analysis paper for two days and thank god for the writing center! At least now I know what to write for my 750-1000 words essay but hope i do reach750 words or I'm screwed. After this week I am free!!! I can't wait. Well, I was gonna wait till i get the pictures from my cousin but she is taking forever so i thought i just post this picture of us during thanksgiving first. I love this picture. My hair was perfect and so was my smile. Life is great sometimes! These are my cousins by the way. REAL distance cousins. Sigh, i wish i had a camera with me. I would be able to take millions of pictures then.

Jessie, me, Jamie and Eric

Well, I got to go back to my essay now. Wish me luck on my essay ya! Hope i can finish in time and still get a good grade. I'll try to post more photos here some other time (if i can). Nitex~

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