Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hmm..11 days since my last entry. My life must really sucks.

Anyway, nothing interesting happened. Unless you want to hear my drone on bout how I hate writing papers for homework.

The only interesting thing that happened was a comment my friend made in Human Systems class.

Heather : Cheese is the shit!
Tom turn to her, gave the funniest look, raised an eyebrow and a small smirk.
Tom: I don't think you should be eating that if it is the shit...

Lolx!! Sorry if you don't get it. Probably because it is an inside joke. But after hearing that, I cracked up for at least half an hour!! Haha!

Well, moving on. I'll just put some random but fascinating(at lease I think they are fascinating) pictures I took for the past week.

Guess what is this. ^^

I had to take this picture cause it is the first time I've seen a mouse trap up close!!! Lolx!!

This is a pineapple btw.

Guess what is this. ^^

Thats bout it then. If my life get anymore interesting than that, you'll be the first to know. Till then. Toodles~

p/s: I got in to the Honors Program. Just thought I throw it out there.

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