Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bored and busy at the same time

It's a wonder, really. How can one be bored and have a lot to do at the same time?

I always have a ton of work to do but yet I am still damn bored. Classes is in two days, and my assignments due on that day is still sitting at a corner gathering dust. Shows how lazy I am.

I rather eat, walk around campus, listen to my ipod, watch anime, surf the net, take long naps..basically ANYTHING than start my assignments.

Guess what am I doing right about now. Let me give you some hint.

Yup! Eating a Vanilla Chocolate Chip ice-cream by yours truly, Haagen-Dazs while watching anime.

Tell me, is it normally for one to slack off when she has only a day left to complete at least four reading assignments, and an everyday journal entry?


kh said...

that was the computer i used and it became kaputt ... now i use a new one because fixing it costs a bomb

Dwee said...

Are you serious? Don't scare me wei. I love this laptop very much one le.

kh said...

yeap.. using a mac now