Sunday, September 14, 2008

Late wishes =P

Hehe! Now, this is not an excuse I made up. It is real, I swear! I thought of blogging bout B class(which I will talk about in other posts) just now but luck just wasn't on my side. I am having problem getting my pictures from my hotmail. So I guess I'll just have to wait till the problem is fixed to blog about it. =P

But there is a reason as to why I am posting this post today. I just want to say,


My dear mum and I

Sigh. Too bad I can't celebrate it with her this year since I'm half way across the world. But this doesn't stop me from wishing her happiness and wealth and health ^^ Don't work too hard and stress yourself ya.

Also, I would like to wish Aaron aka Gorilla Happy Birthday too. And a Happy Belated Birthday to Marcus and Kelvin. Hehe! Hope you guys had a 'smashing' birthday. Hehe!!

Aaron and Marcus

I can't remember why we took this picture but I think Aaron was trying to look cool and Marcus was admiring him. LOLX!!

Sorry Kelvin. I couldn't find a good picture of you so this will have to do. Sorry >.<

I would also like to wish Xin Min, my good friend and Jiun Shyong a Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry guys, I know it is kinda late but I was really busy =P

Xin Min

Haha! Sorry gurl. Was really busy so didn't get to wish you on the exact date. But at least I called to wish you right? =P

The infamous Jiun Shyong

I think he is trying to look cool too. Haha!!!

I'll try to update as regular as possible but I have an exam and quiz on Wednesday, another exam on Tuesday, reading assignments everyday, reflective journal and research for a writing portfolio due everyday and a homework assignment due on Friday (and that is only this week. Imagine this every week!).

So, do cut me some slack kay?

I just remembered that I forgot to wish my long lost friend, Kok Hong, Happy Birthday too. So, Happy Birthday!! =P

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