Friday, June 5, 2009

Forgetfulness + Laziness = Abandon Blog

I have totally abandoned my blog. Not on purpose though. I just didn't realize someone hit the fast forward button and a month has past since I've written a post.

Three weeks ago, we, as in Xin Min, Jess, Heng and I had a fun night out before Xin Min left for UM. At that time, I thought to myself, "It was such so much fun. I am going to blog about it and post all the pictures we took." Obviously it did not happen. It wasn't till I looked at the calendar just now that I realize three weeks have passed and I never got to show those amazing pictures.

Same goes for Jess leaving for her don't-know-what-conference. She left last Saturday. As usual, there was a yamcha session. Again, I did not blog nor did I post the pictures we took that day.

So here they are.

#1. Nothing is more comfortable than drinking hot chocolate/latte on a couch while enjoying the air condition at Starbucks on a humid night. Of course, that comes with a heavy price: freaking $10++ for a cup of drink.

#2. Jess and Xin Min. We SS kau kau. We didn't leave till the workers were started sweeping the floors and locking the doors.


#4. Of course, making fun of Heng Li is also part of what makes these outings fun. ^^

#5. LOL!!! I have a video of this. Damn funny. Will show when I get around loading the video on youtube.

#6. Laziness is heaven sometimes.

#7. While Heng Li is being retarded..

#8. ..Jess is practicing her SS skills. Like you need any more practice. =P

#9. Heng being retarded and Jess going along with it.

#10. Doesn't she look like that famous model who is very good a striking a pose? I see potential. Muahaha!!!


#12. Don't ask.

#13. I like this picture of us, Jess. ^^

#14. LOL!!




#18. Clement, Andy and I. Obviously, this is the other yamcha session I had with Jess's friends before she left. Just in case it is not obvious enough, I will say this, "THIS IS NOT THE SAME YAMCHA SESSION"

#19. Suet Li, Ester and I. Seriously, I feel like this Suet Li is a freaking celebrity lo. It feels weird knowing this person who has 1000+(i think) blog readers/fans at a more personal, in the real world rather than just a blog reader. LOL!

#20. Missing a SS buddy. Xin Min, mana lu la?

#21. We look so cute!!! ^^

#22. Seriously love this pic.

#23. Jess's USJ 8 friends. Heng Li, Ester, Jess, Clement, Suet Li, and Andy. Great bunch. Also damn sampat!

#24. Heng Li, Ester and Jess. They were posing for Clement's camera, the more canggih one. Sigh. How can my small insignificant camera compete with a 10k professional HEAVY camera. I should be ashame of myself for even having the guts to take it out. Hehe!


#26. See what I mean by sampat too. ^^

#27. My lovely patient cute darling. ^^

#28. Marcus, Danny and I. So ngam they were having yamcha session at Old Town Kopitiam.

#29. Last picture before Jess left for her conference.

Okay la. To be honest, I am actually writing this post now because Xin Min and Jess are coming back tomorrow. I couldn't drag this post any longer. How was I suppose to write about them leaving when they are back right? This is so like me, to do everything at the very last minute. Skill is required to achieve my level of laziness. Maybe I am just gifted.

Laziness is not the only reason I procrastinate this much though. I was seriously busy with my cousin sister's wedding and my new Japanese class. But that, my friend, is another story. Hardworking-ness has reached its limit two minutes ago. Signing off~


Xin Min said...

Goodness! How can someone be so lazy seriously. I think you're really gifted!!! HAHAHAHA~~

Dwee said...

Xin Min,
Haha!! Easy for you to say. You don't take at least 2 hours to blog you know.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!