Monday, June 29, 2009

Question on my mind

I have been planning to go Melbourne since last November.

Bought the ticket in February.

Bought a jacket specifically for this trip.

Brought all my winter clothes back, also for this trip.

Swine flu broke out in April.

Constant reminder about the flu everywhere.

Changed my ticket to a later date.

Heard/Saw that about every swine flu cases that happened in Malaysia comes from someone who just come back from Australia.

Feeling very anxious again. Can't decide.

Now the question remains: Should I or should I not go?


kh said...

babi hutan bought tickets and took all the trouble to prepare... sigh... both US and msia is also full of flu cases wert.. but you havent got infected till today....

when in aust just gargle and wash hands properly every few hours then you'll be fine la... if you want then wear a mask in crowds...

Xin Min said...

Hmmm.. I think it should be okay too.. Take proper precautionary steps then it'll be fine lah.. Oh, quarantine yourself at home for a week after u come back! Hahahah.. Just kidding lah, I think you should go if you really want to. =)