Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have been hearing bad comments about the new X-Men movie. I think it is called Origin something. The one about Wolverine. I don't know what people have against that movie but it was awesome! I didn't think it was boring at all.

I definitely miss hanging out with my old group again: Xin Min, Jess, and Heng. We have another additional member today, Ryui Bynn.

It was like old times again. We went to watch a late night movie at Pyramid and then went for a sorta yamcha session. Surprisingly, we bump into several other school mates. Hi Ley Yeem! Hi Ben! Hi, err some-other-people's-name-I-forgot.

#1. I made them stop in front of a mirror to take a picture. They are so patient. It took awhile for me to get a semi clear shot of us. A lot of camera adjusting and yada yada. Thank god they are such a good sport.

#2. Err, well. Let me rephrase my sentence. I made them stop in front of SEVERAL mirrors actually.

#3. After the movie, we met up with Shawn was at the bowling alley for a little while. RB wanted to act as a 'lamp post' in the most literal sense. LOL!

#4. We even saw Karine on an advertisement. LOL!!!! Karine, doesn't that girl in the 'after' picture look like you.

#5. This part was really funny. We were trying to capture a picture with everyone in it but it was really hard. So, we had to stand in a 'formation' or something. The problem is, there are a lot of people walking around looking at us. Very embarrassing. RB's words' "Eh! Faster la. I don't usually bend down for a guy one you know." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




#9. They are so funny. I was running up the escalator (it wasn't moving anymore). When I reach the top, I shouted "STOP!" and they literally stopped walking. Haha!!! Then I went to the side and took their picture.

#10. This was a perfect last picture we took for the day. Taken with a timer while my camera is sitting on the back of someone's car. Hehe!!

It's been so long since I've went out with them. Feels great hanging out again. Sigh~ Too bad Xin Min is leaving to UM tomorrow for some uni thing and Jess will be going somewhere for some conference soon. Well, at least there is a last yamcha session before we meet again. Let's hope it will be as fun! LOL!


Xin Min said...

Eh, I just realised we always stand back at the same place. As in I'm always next to Heng, Jess next to RB and you're in front(cause you're short) Hehe!

kh said...

if you want a mirror photo of us when i meet up with you, i'll make you enter the boys' toilet to take it...hahahahahaa

jessieloi said...

kh, when you are able to make her do that, please tell me. hahaha!

kh said...

jess, she plans to drag you along cos i said 2 person meeting up is gonna be so

so it means that if i force her in, she's gonna force you in too... ghahaha

eh anyway, she isn't that short la looking at those photos... say if the guy in red is 170, she's up till his neck which is ..... kinda .... okla... *snigger*


Dwee said...

Xin Min,No lo! I in the middle cause I wearing pink shirt!!!! And I adorable!! And also cause I holding camera.

kh,LOL!! I don't mind lo. I also not scared!!

Eh!!! I standing with bent knees la!! Cause if not, cannot see Heng Li behind me.

jessieloi,Haha!! I drag you along la.