Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back in Malaysia

Sorry sorry. Haven't been blogging for two weeks now.

Humid weather + house computer = no mood to blog.

I wanted to try and blog from my laptop just in case it would inspire me to blog, but the stupid lady at the DIY shop said that I needed a transfuser or transformer or something to change the electric current for my laptop. If not, my laptop will go BOOM! So, here I am, forcing myself to write a post because I have too many pictures that needs to be posted ASAP.

#1. Just got back from the airport. Waiting for my sister to get out from school to get our hair cut.

#2. Went for lunch. ROTI TELUR AND TEH AIS!!!!!! Ah~ Life is good.

#3. Getting a hair cut with my sis..

#4. ..her friends, Brenda and Siew May...

#5. ..and Aaron. LOL!

#6. ^^

#7. Went for pool that night and yamcha.

#8. Xin Min doesn't have curfew anymore! It is required that we drag her along with us. I don't know why I did not experience jet lag this year and I stayed up till 4 in the morning. So, everyone I dragged out had to suffer enjoy the night with me. Hehe!! Good old days.

#9. And yamcha again. Hehe!! Isn't this cute? I've been trying to teach Danny to pose for a picture. Sob sob! So proud of you!!



#12. Please excuse us. This was 3 in the morning. All of us were not really ourselves due to the lack of sleep. Hence, lots of ridiculously lame pictures.

#13. See what I mean.








#21. Lesson learned: Never use dumbbell unless you want huge arms, broader shoulder and flat chest!


#23. Appreciate this picture. It took a lot of effort and threats to get this shot.

It is great to be back!

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Xin Min said...

I like picture #13 veyr much!! Hahaha!! And I demand for pics Audrey CHOW!! And eh, what you mean by "it is required that we drag her along"? Sounds like I force you to bring me out or sth lor! XD And pls, for the very last time, the word 'cute' is not for Danny!! You just love embarrassing your own bf so much. swt. =)