Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, new change

I've done it!! I went ahead and done it.

Took a lot of consideration and asked a lot of opinions before doing so. I'm glad I waited for Alyssa to do it with me or I would have chicken-ed out.

It hurts like hell!! Well, I was so nervous, so it hurt more than it actually did.

Alyssa says it's all in my head.

When I did mine, I was talkative as hell; I was hysterical. Trying to take my mind of the clamp and the needle going through my skin.

Now, all I feel is.. weird. Like there is something pinching my flesh. Not exactly pain, just.. weird.

Wanna see?





#1. Tada! Pierced my belly button!

What do you think?

It's been a month since I've pierced it. Doesn't hurt at all.

The first week I've pierced it, I couldn't sleep on my side cause it felt.. weird. Now I can sleep however the hell I want. Well, not on my belly yet. Don't dare to risk it. But all's good. ^^

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