Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year 2009

Ah~ Another year has passed. I was just thinking how I should start sorting out my pictures because I have to write my traditional post. I guess I should have started earlier cause I just realized I have A LOT of pictures.

I was asking myself, "What is there to write? I don't think I did much this year." How wrong I was. I did so much that I don't even know where to start.

I guess I should start by saying, this year, I've..

#1. Had a sleepover at Michelle's.

#2. First time playing Twister

#3. Had one of the greatest class ever, with amazing classmates and prof.

#4. Went clubbing at Ultra..

#5. ..and see my roommates tried to get 'pick up' by 'British' guys.

#6. Attended my first Zeta Social.

#7. Had a wonderful year with my roommates Tiffany, Michelle, and Lizzie.

#8. Bought my own small laptop (and later returned it).

#9. Got a jury summon.

#10. Got my first saman.

#11. Got gel toes for the first time.

#12. Went to the beach for the first time after 2 years of living in Florida. (Pathetic, I know)

#13. Experience waiting in the airport for 8 hours. Thank god for anime.

#14. Met up with Ryui Bynn.

#15. Got to hang out and yamcha with my BFFs..

#16. darling's hingtai..

#17. ..and Jess & Heng's friends.

#18. Went to Australia with Darling..

#19. During my stay in Australia, I got to meet up with..

#20. .. Wai Leng, Wayne (Wai Leng's baby!), Tuck Lian(ex primary classmate), Jun, Sooi Jin, Jung-Hann, Kelvin, Yvonne..

#21. ..Chapman (the guy wearing a beanie)..

#22. ..Ai Tert (ex ballet classmate)..

#23. ..and Carmen (old best friend!).

#24. Met Anthony, my tuition teacher for many years, and my long lost cousin, Tze Yip..

#25. ..and even hung out with his friends, Cliffton and Siew-Ann at Genting.

#26. Attended my cousinbrother, Xiong Xiong Ko Ko's wedding..

#27. cousin sister, Emily Che Che's wedding..

#28. ..and my mum's cousin's son's (my aunt's son, I guess) wedding.

#29. Been lucky enough to meet old classmates like Amanda, Julian, Yuen Looi, Dennis..

#30. ..Yuin Thing, Elaine, Pui Yee, Wern Sern.

#31. Had a 10 year reunion with Kok Hong, my ex primary school classmate.

#32. Took my first Japanese class and got to meet I1 group..

#33. ..and I2 group. Had a blast in both Japanese class.

#34. Celebrated Chin Wei's birthday..

#35. ..Marcus's 21st..

#36. .. Weng Hong's 21st..

#37. ..Maybelle's 21st..

#38. ..and Sooi Jin's 21st.

#39. Had our annual before-I-leave-for-Florida dinner with Darling.

#40. Took my 21st studio picture.

#41. Got new roommates, Alyssa, Janae and Victoria.

#42. Met great neighbors, Randy, Greg, Jim, Joe and BELLA!! (Her real name is Emily but I call her Bella cause she looks like Kristen Stewart who plays Bella in Twilight).

#43. Experienced my first car break down.

#44. Celebrated my 21st birthday. (on the beach too)

#45. Went to my first Black Friday.

#46. Celebrated my first Secret Santa with my ex roommates (Michelle and Tiffany), my current roommates (Alyssa and Janae), and my commuter roommates (AJ and Gabby).

#47. Spent the last few minutes of 2009 with Alyssa.

I am always grateful for this year end post. Pain in the ass as it may be, it actually one of the best ways to have a flashback on what I have done over the year.

To be honest, I really enjoyed my year. Experienced a lot of firsts; met up with old classmates and made new ones; attended my fair share of weddings and birthdays. How can one not be content with life. My only regret is that the year has come to an end.

I remember saying, "..if [Year 2008] could be better than Year 2007, I don't see why Year 2009 could not be better than 2008." I guess I was right. It was better than Year 2008.

I really am sad that this year has come to a close, but I guess I will just have to look forward to Year 2010. All I have to say is, Year 2010, you are going to have a hard time topping Year 2009. Gambatte!

New Year's resolution:
1. Have improvement in my Japanese
2. Get a good internship
3. Try for 5A's again
4. Do well with my violin
Happy New Year people!!!


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