Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday Darling Danny!

Oh my god! My boyfriend just turned 22. Tsk tsk tsk. Only the beginning of the year and you've already turned 22. But don't worry; I still love you, you old geezer!!!

You always say that 22 is still young.

And yes. I agree. You..

#1. Still look soooo yeng!

#2. Have the cutest sleeping 'attire' and the most unique style of sleeping.

#3. Strike great 'poses' in front of the camera.

#4. Have the best sense of 'style'/'hobby' of dressing up. (Haha! I can hear your curses already =P)

#5. Have the biggest appetite.

But that does not mean you are young. You are OLD already. Yes yes yes. I am TURNING 22 as well. That still does not mean you are young. In fact, you are OLDer than me. Hehe!

Despite you taking a step closer in turning into a senile old man..

#6. I still love you!!! ^^

Happy Birthday D
anny Hor Chi Chin! (nah! I still remember your name!)

I hope you had a blast during your birthday. I wonder what your heng tais did to you le?

p/s: I promised to take a picture of my chan face. See. I always keep my promise one. =P

#7. Sigh~ Why must I put a picture of me looking like that on my blog la. =.="


danny said...

hahaha i dont know want to say i like this post or not cause you put that fugly 'picture' that you are not supposed to show people.
And i requested a post on your chan face not about me la doink.but you look really chan and older than me lo..tsk tsk tsk

Dwee said...

Of course you like this post la. You some more ask me change to a nicer header of me and you le. Hehe! I always keep my promise one.