Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dinosaur toy?

Okay. What does this looks like to you?

#1. ???

I went into work today, about to set my bag on that very chair and I see a dinosaur toy sitting perfectly balanced on the sit rest. But I was skeptical.

So, I went,

Me: Jamie, is that your toy dinosaur sitting on the chair?
Jamie: *raises her eyebrow* What dinosaur?
Me: *points at chair* That one sitting on the chair.
Jamie: *steps closer to the chair* That's not a toy!

Thank god I was skeptical!!!!

#2. It was a freaking lizard!!!! I knew it wouldn't be a toy! I mean, how can a toy sit so still and not fall right? Haha!

Felt stupid for even thinking it was a toy dinosaur.

#3. Well, that's me. Hmm, I do look a bit chan right? You never notice that you look so bad till you take a picture of yourself.

On top of losing hair, I am looking like an old lady? Damn! I should go to bed earlier then. Yes. That's what I'll do.

Good night peeps~

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