Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am not pregnant!

So, I was walked in the pharmacy two days ago asking the pharmacist to recommend me some multivitamin, and I got this:

#1. Prenatal Vitamins with minerals for pregnant & lactating women.

I am not complaining though. Apparently it helps to make your nails and hair grows faster. God knows I need my hair to grow ASAP cause...


You people! You can't say that you are stressed till you start losing patches of hair like me!!!

No pictures concerning my hair condition till that patch of hair regrow.

But yes. I am losing hair. Every person I showed my patch to react differently.

Some showed concern and said, "You very stressed is it?"

Some babi punya people rolled their eyes and said, "You're just stressed."

It's a patch of hair you know!! Don't freaking roll your eyes! =.=" *mumbles incoherently

Anyway, I have recently started to take precaution.

My mum told me that Pantene is a very strong shampoo that can damage my hair, so now I am using Himilaya Herbal Shampoo.

#2. Herbal shampoo does less damage.

I tried it yesterday and realized that I lost less hair compared to usual (or maybe it is just me. Hmm~). Thanks mum!

Also, I am taking the Prenatal Vitamin every day now. I should have my thick healthy hair back in no time ^^

The only thing is, people might start to think I am freaking pregnant.

When I went to pay for the vitamins, the cashier looked at the bottle, then at my stomach, then at the bottle again. At first I thought she was just admiring my flat tummy (hehe! Haven't had my brunch yet that time, so still very flat. MUAHAHAHHA).

I only realized much later that the cashier might have thought that I am pregnant. Ish~

Well, I am growing hair at a faster rate, so don't care la.


On a happier note, my Apple iPad is no longer naked! I just bought the much anticipated Apple iPad casing!!

#3. Benri na~

After a month of waiting, my iPad is fully clothed.

#4. Sob sob~ Mummy is so proud of you! You look so handsome!!

Now I can go out with it without having to worry that it might hurt itself and get scratches.

Shall bring you to work with me tomorrow. ^^

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Anonymous said...

Hi, r u sure it is the right vitamins????????? Did u check with the the pharmacist? Anyway I will check it here for you. Take care. Love mum.