Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have done nothing but loitered around Coastland Mall these past few weeks.

I waste most my time doing some mindless shopping for things I know I don't need. But I always seem to have an excuse for buying something.

This time, my excuse is, I'm leaving for New York soon. Bearing in mind that I need a new wardrobe change, I walked in almost every store in the mall at least 3 times a week looking for something to buy.

Found some interesting products at a store called Francesca's Collections. 


I've walked in this store countless of times, and after giving their products a cursory glance, I would walk right out.

Today I had a lot of time. So, I examined the entire store from one end to the other.

 #2. Journals.

I almost bought the "I Can't Sleep" journal since I'm unusually nocturnal.

#3. Inside of "I Can't Sleep" journal.

One side with quotes, the other for you to write why you can't sleep. At the bottom, it says, "when tomorrow officially becomes today," with four different boxes for you to check -- an clock that points at 3o'clock,a bird singing, sunrise, an alarm clock ringing at 6:35 -- to indicate which stage of insomnia you are currently in.

Same goes for the "In My Humble Opinion" journal. A "Why people are like that today" on top and four check boxes -- thumbs up, peace sign, thumbs down, fingers crossed -- for "Today's definitive conclusion about humanity" at the bottom.

#4. "Common sense is not so common." Can I get a Amen.

This one was sorely tempting too. I have a lot of opinions to dish out but I didn't want to risk someone reading the contents of it.

Other products were intriguing but not practical.

#5. Insults & Comebacks and Cliches & Platitudes.

The content of Insults & Comebacks was amusing enough. Some were downright mean. Unless you are arguing with your worst enemy (or you're just a bitch), its content probably could get you into a lot of trouble.

I was chuckling as I read the book because I kept imagining myself referring back to the book for insults and comebacks during an ongoing argument; very anticlimactic.

#6. Vouchers.

I liked Friend Vouchers booklets the best. They were very well made; very much like a real check book. I can see myself signing one and giving it to my BFFs.


#8. It has fine print too.

 #9. Always wanted a stylus pen. Might go back to buy this if I really need one.

#10. Bookmark Pad.

This one is pretty cool too. Sucks that the bookmark is made out of paper.

In the end, I did buy something.

#11. Bought a "Make A Decision" pad.

Just because I suck at decisions and I thought this might help.

#12. "Pack This!" pad.

This I bought because I really need it. Whenever I go on a trip, I write a list of things I need to pack. This list is so much more thorough; it lists almost everything a person would think of packing when traveling.


One would think I would have bought this as well since I mentioned a wardrobe change. But "What To Wear" list is useless to me since all I ever wear are my work clothes during the weekdays and pretty much the same outfit during my one off-day of the week.

Anyway, I've become very frugal these days. I want expensive looking tops and shorts that cost no more than $20; even a $10 top I would rethink four times.

Hopefully I will stumble into a store that sell cheap, nice looking clothes before I leave for New York!

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abigail said...

I really wish I had all of these books to thoughtfully peruse. Seems like it would make an excellent pastime. Oh, and AMEN!