Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Vacation

Yay! I'm finally leaving for New York tomorrow! Feeling a little nervous. Heart beating really fast. Anticipation? Excitement? Both?

I am almost done packing. Oh~ the horror of packing. *shivers

I just need some clothes that are currently being washed, then I'm done (I hate packing!). While I wait for my clothes to dry, I am indulging in a glass of ice cold Lychee my aunt made.


Watching Korean drama with a chilled beverage in hand equals to my temporary heaven.

For those who are curious, I'm currently watching "Can't You Hear My Heart?" I'm half way done with this K-drama and so far, I'm digging the storyline. It has several of those squeal-inducing romantic moments that I love so much, which makes the drama that much more interesting!

Maybe I'll even write reviews on some of my favorite K-dramas.

I'll talk more about it when I have time. Gotta finish packing and sleep now. My aunt wants to be at the airport at 8am, and it is 3:25am now. Yikes! Good night!


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abigail said...

I absolutely love packing! I'm probably way too OCD about it