Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cute huh?

I was in my Intro to Anthropology class today, and we were able to look at all these skeletal bones of our 'relatives' for our assignments. Hehe!

I don't know bout you, but I think they are rather cute. Thus..

...me taking a picture with it. =P This is the skeletal bone of a gorilla btw.

This is a Homoerectus, our directly related ancestral to the earliest members of living species Homosapiens (which is us humans). It is how their skeletal head looks like before we evolve to what we are now.

Onto another topic, this is where I work, my aunt's restaurant Wok Cuisine...

The restaurant...

The sushi bar..

My uncle worked at a Japanese restaurant before and took classes from a Japanese sensei to learn the real way of making sushi for several years.

I had a few more prettier pictures of the sushi[s] he made but they got lost together with my first phone, so this is the only pic I have.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner. I didn't even realise it till I called my mum and she told me. I totally forgot bout CNY since they don't celebrate it in Florida. But the good news is, I still get to get ang pao. Muahahaha!

One thing I really miss is the gambling and the visits from house to house.

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