Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stress level is over the top!! Help~

Waoh! It has been almost a week since I've posted anything. Well, not my fault really. It is just that there is nothing interesting in my life at the moment. This is one of my classes, and as you can see, it is REALLY BORING.

Other than not being hired by the library YET and homework up to my neck, life is just peachy. I do have good news though. I have just been offered a position in the Honors Program in my uni, but I am not sure whether I should apply for it of not. If I do, I'll have to maintain high GPA score which will be a lot tougher than last semester cause all my prof. are out to get me!! I still have to think about it and ask around for opinions on this subject. So, if you have an opinion, dun feel shy to drop a comment or two.

Anyway, the only other interesting thing that happened this week was getting free points in my Human Systems class just by playing bingo! Muahaha! I was one of the lucky ones who got bingo and I got 5 points FREE! I am sooooo happy. God knows I need that 5 points!

I am so proud of myself. Hehe! I know it is just luck, but i am very satisfied! Well, I am going to Kissimmee this Sunday for service learning hours (Don't ask me where Kissimmee is cause i have nooooo idea. I didn't even know there was a place called Kissimmee. Well, let''s just say I can write 5 books about things I don't know) . It just basically volunteer work and I need at least 80 hours of it to graduate. Anyway, I'll try to update something more interesting next time. Until then, toodles~

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