Saturday, January 5, 2008

Such a failure wei!

Gosh! I've been going through most of my friend's blog page and their's are filled with pictures -- LITERALLY. Mine only has one stinking picture. I sooo have to start being more SS and take pictures of myself. The only problem is, I am all the way here in Florida and I don't have any close friends to take picture with. I mean, it is not that I don't like taking pictures with my friends here in FL, it is just kinda weird that's all.
Hmm, and I've been wondering this for quite some time now. Does anyone realise that when they write in their blog page, they are just pouring their guts out to total strangers and the sad thing is, what if there aren't anyone who is reading their page. That is just sad. Pathetic too. Well, I have finally cracked. I am actually contradicting myself here seeing that I am one of those pathetic people (No offense to any of the blogger who is reading my blog page though i doubt there are many).
Well, maybe I should cut the crap and start writing what people are suppose to write in blog pages. Hmm, lets see. Classes will be starting in 2 days. Hate that. Kinda sorta quit my job at the cafeteria cause of my screwed up timetable this semester. And last but not least, getting fatter everyday. This is actually one of the main reasons why I do not put up any pictures because the last time i put up a picture, 30 minutes later, I had at least 2 guy friends told me i got fatter. Freaking 30 minutes i put the pic up!!! And let me tell you, when a guy say you are fat, it MEANS you ARE fat. I have TWO GUYS telling me that, so that is sort of double the fat.
Lets move on to a happier topic. I reunited with an old friend of mine!! Hehe! Well, not really reunited, just that got in touch with him. And that person is KOK HONG! See la kh, I so good. Mention you in my blog page. I am actually really happy. I've been looking for his contact for a long time cause he was such a good friend. Though i always abuse him last time. Hehe! Sorry bout that. Neway, hope that i get to hang out with him when i am back in M'sia. Got to go now. Need to work tomorrow and I can't oversleep..again. Hehe! Nitex!

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