Monday, February 25, 2008

The World Operates in a Weird Way

I just don't get it. I thought if I have a schedule to follow, I can actually finish everything in time for my exams. Instead, I am even further behind.

So, after a long consideration, I finally decided to...


And I think it is working, cause I actually done more than I did the last two days.

I am still way behind though.

Anyway, I was able to squeeze a dinner with Angela and Andrew today between my "oh-so-busy" schedule. We went to this restaurant called Panera Bread.

This is the first time Andrew and I ever been to Panera Bread. Naturally, we did not know what to order. So, we turned to Angela.

Andrew: What is good here?
Angela: Salad.
swt. Andrew and I looked at each other and made a face.
Andrew and I: Yerr!

Lolx! In the end, I had to ask them to choose anything but salad for me since I couldn't decide. Haha!!

This was my dinner. Hot Chocolate and Chipotle Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich was SO good! Thank god they didn't choose something weird for me. =P

Then they just chat the whole time, while I took random pictures..

For some reason, Andrew's cup of water is PINK! So weird~!!

We didn't do much. Just kinda sat there and chat (well, mostly them talking and me listening). I really enjoy hanging out with both of them though. I hope we could go eat dinner again some other time. ^^

Anyway, I should really be getting some shut eyes right about now. I need all the sleep I can get if I want to make it to class tomorrow in time. Nitex!


Heng said...

ive found your blog hobbitttt.... hahahaha. anyway hurry up and send ur details to loi in facebook. passport number and all. cos the airasia promotion is back and we want to book ASAP. u better read this or ill call u fatty for the rest of ur freaking live if we missed this promotion

Dwee said...

OH MY GOD! Did you call jess before you wrote this comment? Because if you did, you wouldn't have wrote this. You stupid johnny bravo!