Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Bonding Moment ^^

Another way of spending a nice day out. Woke up early in the morning for breakfast to eat pan mee and went to Giant with with JessieLoi, Xin Min, Heng Li and Cass today.

We were all like aunts (Yes, even Heng was like an aunt) running up and down the supermarket. The funny thing was, we were so unorganized that we ended up running from one end to the other.

Hehe! We also took the liberty of embarrassing each other too though.

Heng Li: I want the one with wings one

Sigh, of course, I got my share of teasing also la. But unfortunately/fortunately, my dear friend JessieLoi didn't take my picture with the "Shortea" biscuit which Xin Min seems to think that have a semi-resemblance with my height.

Anyway, it was funny and all, but not as fun as the time we went and attack each other with tester perfume bottles.

We all smell damn weird after that you know. Actually I didn't kena one, this stupid Xin Min la!! I was trying to spray Jess, but she attack me from the back. Even kena my hair! Ish! Now I smell so weird also. =.=

But nevermind le. Although JessieLoi may deny it, I finally concluded that this is our way of bonding ^^

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