Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Darling!!

If you don't already know him, let me introduce to you my most loving boyfriend in the world, Danny Hor!

Isn't he cute!! ^^

I know I don't talk about him often in this blog, but yes, he does exist. And he is the greatest boyfriend in the world. Sorry gurls. He is ALL MINE! =P

We've been together for three years as of today. You can tell he is the best, seeing that he can tahan me for so long. Hehe!

He always allows me to do the silliest things to him. For that, I love him even more. I know it sounds bad of me but action speaks louder than words right? (if you get what I mean)

I know he is not gonna like some of the pictures I post up here. Hehe! But I just want to show how great he is to me. I dunno how to explain this but I know I feel happy whenever I'm with him.

I just want to dedicate this post to him. I want to let everyone know that I love him so much and I am sorry for being so short tempered at times. And I promise I won't repeat what I did this year to you again. Thank you for being there for me all these years.

I'm really sorry for not being there to celebrate our anniversary together. I know we had dinner at The Cave and all but it would have been better if we were able to have it on the exact day and be able to spend time with you. I'll make it up when I get back k?

I love you danny! And I miss you so so much! Sob sob~ I wish you were here with me now.

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