Friday, March 13, 2009

What should I do?

These days, even if I did go out and everything, I don't have much time to blog cause I am busy doing all last minute assignments/essays. I shouldn't have procrastinate that much during my spring break.

I guess homework is not the only thing occupying the large amount of space in my head. I feel so... errm.. confused. Hmm, I'm not sure if confused is the right word. More like lost. Not sure what step I should take next.

I don't know if you know this but I have a fascination with languages. My dream is to be able to first master Chinese, then Japanese and Korean, then Spanish, and if I have time I want to take French or German too.

The reason for mastering Chinese is probably because it would help me so much better in years to come in the job world, where I can go around saying I fully mastered English, Bahasa Malaysia AND Chinese. I can't go around saying I only mastered half Chinese.

But I have been putting Chinese on hold cause I have more passion for Japanese and Korean right now. I really really want to master these two languages. Spanish is more for job sake. If ever there is a possibility of me working here in the United States, knowing Spanish would definitely help a lot seeing as English and Spanish is like the main language here. French and German is more like interest. My goal is to know as many languages as possible. So, if I ever master the first four languages on my list, French or German would be next.

Now, this is not why I feel lost.

I just had a appointment with my Honors Program Director today. We were talking about my fascination in languages and my current interest in Japanese and Korean. Coincidentally, he knows that Prof. Sachiko (my performing culture teacher I was talking about last semester) has taught Japanese to Executives of Honda before. He told me that I could take up an independent study with her.

From what I understand, an independent study is where a student is interested in a subject but the university does not offer. So, they go to the prof. who has experience/knowledge in that field and ask for an independent study with the professors. In other words, it is taking a class called research study (I think that is what it is called. My memory fails me). I can actually discuss the possibilities with her. If she agrees with helping me, then I will sign up for that particular class and she would teach me Japanese.

When I heard about it, I was set on doing this, but I am hesitating now. After the meeting with my Honors Program Director, I had an appointment with my marketing professor. He was giving me advise too. He believe that I should focus on finishing Chinese first before starting a new one. He thinks that knowing Chinese, English and Bahasa Malaysia is a great asset and should fully master it.

I am torn between both. I know I should finish my Chinese but I am so pulled towards Japanese and Korean right now. If Prof. Sachiko is willing to teach, this will be a rare opportunity to learn Japanese. I am graduating soon, and if I don't grab this opportunity now, I don't know when it will be presented to me again. Even if I come across such great opportunity, I am afraid that I wont be able to find time to do so when I come out to work. But I also know that if I don't finish my Chinese and take Japanese, when I graduate, I would know both languages but not fully mastering it.

What should I do? Should I master Chinese then move on to Jap/Korean. Or should I just go ahead with the Japanese?


Natalie said...

Chinese first since it'll benefit you more in your future career compared to Japanese. Just my 2 sen opinion. =)

jessieloi said...

it depends.

how long more will you take to master your Chinese?

If you can cope with both, why not. Plus, its not that you have no time, you just prefer to spend it on your animes and DBSK XP

sooooooooooo, you can actually make time, its whether you are willing to or not.

Dwee said...

But can't I do both at the same time??

It depends on my self-discipline I guess. Haha!! You know my true nature too well. I mmg always waste my time on other stuff. Sigh~ How la to train self-discipline??

kh said...

i havent master my chinese properly and already thinking about learning korean...lolol

like what you said, when the opportunity comes, grab it. but dont put your chinese aside ...

seriously, korean later la... learn jap first then you can catch up with korean EASILY.. KACANG GORENG HANGUS SHI* korean dont have kanji so its easy to catch up after you learnt the kanji. afterall korean vocabs all based on chinese characters anyway. and japanese kanji is easy to catch up after you learnt chinese.

so, the easy way to explain which to learn first, is this ...

chinese (fully chinese characters) → japanese (70% chinese characters)→ korean (nil chinese characters but their vocabs mostly based on chinese characters)

and you know korean is really similar with cantonese too...
canto hok sang - jap gakusei - kor hakseng - student..... see? kacang rebus mi goreng hangus...

on noi - annai - annei - guide
ji dong zhe - jidousha - chadongcha - automobile
hongok - kankoku - hanguk - korea!


when your chinese comes to a certain level, then continue with jap beginners, then jap intermediate already then can start korean ....

ask your anime and dbsk to shut up for a moment... i watch neither of them ... lol

Anonymous said...

Well, you can actually master Chinese and learn Jap at the same time. But make sure you practice both and don't neglect either one of them. I think it's better to learn Korean later.


Dwee said...

Oooh!! Yea! I notice that too. That is why I thought it would be easier. But you do have a point. If I get the Chinese down, it would be easier with to get Jap and Korean.

Haha! But the anime and DBSK are calling out to me. The temptation is too hard to resist. How can you of all people ignore it. Anime and DBSK is like crazy over at your place. Haha!!

You've got a point there. I guess I want to learn everything now cause I am afraid when the passion dies down, I won't want to take that language anymore.