Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Danny!!!!

The title pretty much says it all but I'll say it again..


Actually I should say Happy Belated Birthday since I am abit late. Sorry darling. My internet connection wasn't working so well before, so couldn't post this up earlier.

Since we've been together, I've missed 3 of your birthdays already. I am so so sorry about that. I wish I could celebrate your birthday with you.

Anyway, I still hope you had a wonderful birthday!! I had the privilege with working with your hing tai to give you your partial birthday present. I am also happy to say that I had the privilege to give an order request of giving you that wonderful birthday bashing.

Hehe!!! I just wish I was there to do these tasks myself but since I was not, I had chose the next best thing.

My wishes to you are, I hope you..

#1. ...continue to have a huge appetite so that you could help me finish my portion of food. ^^

#2. ...stay charming. LOLX!!!

#3. ...stop saying you are intimidating cause this is not intimidating at all. Hehe!!

#4. ...continue to act cute so that I could take many cute pictures of you. ^^

#5. ...stay cool and studious cause that is part of you charm.

#6. ...continue trying to act scary cause it always cracks me up!!!! Hahah!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday and last but not least..

사람합니다 (sarang ham(p)nida)
[try guessing what this means ^^]

Thank you Fook Siang with the money and bashing!!!

Thank you Xin Min with the planning!!!!

Thanks to all who bashed Danny with cake!!!!!


kh said...

why suddenly korean?? i thought you said you wanna study jap first...

well, try guessing what this means...

거울아 거울아, 이 세상에서 가장 아름다운 사람이 누구지?

and wei... i will be back in kl .. aug sept... you?

Dwee said...

Cause of DBSK la. They suddenly make me want to know how to speak korean right now.

I am memorizing my hiragana now. Katakana may take sometime cause I keep mixing them up with my chinese characters. I am thinking of finishing jap then straightaway start with my korean. I hate you lo!! How can you start fulfilling my dreams before I do!!!!

I wan meet up!!!!! I will be back from April 27 to August 21. Will you be there when I am back in Msia??

kh said...

yes i will try to leave immediately after my last class (exam paper) which is normally 2nd week of aug... not decided yet...

why in the world is your holiday so long?!!!
its like... 4mths!!

Dwee said...

Wah! Second week of august ar? Then I only get to meet you once cause I will be leaving on the third week. Hopefully you will come back. So long never see any old school mates d.

Haha! It's summer la. I am going Aussie for a week and a half in June though.

Xin Min said...

Dwee!!! My last exam is on the 27th!! HAHAHAHA. Come find me as soon as you reach. This is an order. Haha. No surprises ah this time please. =)