Sunday, March 1, 2009

Night out and sleep over

Spring break just started 2 days ago. Yes!! We have a whole week off!! I need the rest. No homework. No exams. No work. Just relaxing. Sleep whatever time I want. Wake up whatever time I want. Eat whatever time I want. Do whatever and whenever I want. Paradise I tell you.

I have to say, I had a pretty good start of spring break this year.

I was woken up by Michelle and Alyssa yesterday afternoon. They were yelling my name and everything. It is the start of spring break for god sake. At least let the girl sleep in. When I ignored them, they decided to called my cellphone. Goodness. I was only a door away you know! Well, I guess it worked cause I got up, went to lay in Michelle's bed instead and listen to them tell me the latest news about their guys. Haha!!!

Then Michelle and Alyssa convinced me to go down to Cape Coral (where Michelle lives). Michelle have be trying to get me to go down there for MONTHS now. I just didn't feel like it cause it would be a bit weird with only me and her family. It would sorta feel like I am intruding. I declined the Thanksgiving and Christmas invitation. This time, when they said I would be back to my dorm after dinner, I agreed. At least Alyssa would be there too so it wouldn't be as weird.

After dressing up and everything, we went to Ryan's house first. By the way, the whole getting ready part was so funny. When the convincing conversation was going on, we look like a mess. So we took around an 1 1/2 hour to get ready, going through almost every piece of clothing in the closet. Well, at least that is what they sorta did.

#1. In front of Ryan's house in Cape Coral.

#2. The first pic was a self timer. This picture was taken by Gab, and it was so funny. Gab has this thing where every time he finishes taking a picture for us, he would say, "Cute." Lolx!! I find that funny, especially when it is coming from a guy.

#3. Then we went to see Ryan's sister, Danielle and her son, Rider. He is so cute! If you look closely, you can see Rider's mow hock. And Danielle has the cutest pets ever. Her dog and two cats look like they just walk out from the magazines or something. Couldn't get a picture of them cause they kept running around, so instead..

#4. Gab to take this picture instead. Haha!!

#5. Then we got back to Ryan's house again. We got bored waiting for Ryan mopping the floors and getting ready, so..

#6. ..we entertained ourselves.


#8. This is Gab. I just realize that this is the first picture of him. The other picture of him that I had only showed his back. Haha!



Then we went to dinner at this restaurant call Bonefish or something. It was a great dinner, but I inda felt like a third wheel there. Gab and Michelle used to date each other back in high school. We think that Ryan likes Alyssa. So, I felt really left out. Not that Gab and Michelle or Ryan and Alyssa are dating. I just felt like everyone is paired up and I was left alone. Felt kinda awkward.

#11. Alyssa and Ryan. They were watching Gray's Anatomy. We kept teasing Alyssa about her 'date.' LOLX! Don't get the wrong idea. They are still just friends. People here like to lay on their bed while watching tv. Michelle does it all the time.

#12. Gab and Michelle. Once again, nothing going on here. Just friends.

Then we kinda decided to sleep over at Michelle's house cause for her to drive us back to the dorms and then go back to Cape Coral would take almost two hours. And it is pretty dangerous since it was freaking 1 in the morning. We were still stuck in Ryan's house that time. I got bored and since Ryan has a pool room...

#13. ..I wanted to practice my pool. Want to beat Danny when I get back. I don't really like this picture but Michelle and Alyssa like it for some unknown reason.

#14. Michelle and I tried playing pool while waiting for Alyssa to finish her 'date' with Ryan. Haha! Self timer rocks!


#16. Well, we tried playing once, but failed misarably cause Michelle keeps walking in and out of the room. In the end, I just practice hitting all the balls into the hole. I need more practice. I am getting rusty.

Finally, at 2a.m. we got to go Michelle's house!

#17. I LOVE MICHELLE'S ROOM!!!! So cute!!


#19. I took a lot of pictures but these were the only good ones.

#20. Michelle borrowed us her pajamas. Haha!! Look at us posing! Hehe! First time wearing girl boxers. Pretty comfy. Might go get some one day.

#21. LOLX! Don't even ask!

#22. Haha!!


#24. I like my pajamas. Isn't it cute?


#26. Can you see what I'm wearing??

#27. A tiara!!! Sorry. There are gonna be a lot of pic of me with the tiara cause I was am fascinated with it!!!!

#28. LOLX! Alyssa's ass! Haha! Sorry gurl.


#30. I love this and the next two pictures. I find it so cute. Thank god I convinced them to take this pic with me. Once again, self time rocks!!

#31. God knows why Michelle has 3 tiaras but who cares! We each got to wear one and take pic in them! Haha!! Damn childish.





#36. Up till this point, you could hear Michelle saying to me in the background, "They are all gonna look the same you know." Hahahha!!





I love sleep overs!!! We talked for awhile and planned to lay in bed to watch Hitch. But we were so tired, Michelle and Alyssa fell right to sleep once the movie started. God knows how I stayed up for the whole movie. I know I feel asleep at one point but woke back up to finish the movie. Haha!! It was funny though. I got to hear both Michelle and Alyssa talk in their sleep. Don't ask why I always answer them whenever they talk in their sleep =.="

Well, we woke up the next day in the morning afternoon, chat with Michelle's mum, got licked & kissed by Michelle's dog, Simon, got Dunkin' Donuts on the way back to the campus, and walked around P.F.Chang's in the pajamas.

All in all, it was definitely a fabulous start to this year's relaxing spring break.


jessieloi said...

i like the girl's boxers you are wearing.

soooooooooooooo fun got spring break T___T i can't wait for you to balik.

kh said...

audrey when are you baliking?
i'll be baliking in aug/sept... lets reunite after ... (u do the math)....
jess... tell linglong about that for me....

anyway the first pic... the right side, after your shoulder that portion... it looks like some msian kampung

Dwee said...

Nice rite? That's why I keep taking pictures. I like them too. I think of buying a few now for myself. ^^

Hahah!!! How the hell do you notice these things la??

Yes yes yes!! I wan reunite too!! I am going back from April 27 to August 21. Will you be there when I am there???