Sunday, August 23, 2009

It is bad karma I tell you!

How can a flight home turn out to be one of the worst experiences in my life.

First, my flight from Malaysia landed in Newark half an hour late, 10:30a.m.

Then, it took me an hour to get my bags from the carousel, 11:30a.m.

Then, I had to call a cab but it turns out it takes the cab 20 min to get to my place and another hour to drive me to the JFK airport to get on my 1:20p.m. flight. 11:40a.m.

Then, I didn't have the time to wait 1 hour 20 min for the cab, so I took the one that was already at the Newark airport.

Then, I misunderstood the lady when she said, "$87 plus toll," which of course was suppose to mean that the toll money is included in the $87 right? But noooooo. I was mistaken apparently. I didn't know this till the cab driver had put all my bags into the car, closed the door, turned to me and said "Did the lady tell you how much it was?" I nodded, "$87 plus toll." He gives me the look and said, "$20 for the toll." I tried to argue but I lost. Even the lady said she meant it didn't includes the toll money. I was pressed for time so I just said okay and was off to the JFK airport, 11:50a.m.

Then, the cab driver had the cheek to say that I only gave him a 4 dollar tip (I gave him $111, $87 = cab fare + $20 = toll money (bullshit!) + $4 = tip). Hello!! The toll money was probably only 8 bucks. You already earned enough! 12:50p.m.

Then, when I got into the airport, I realized the cab driver dropped me at Terminal 4: the wrong terminal!! 12:53p.m

Then, I had to pay another 5 bucks to get a trolley to put all my 3 bags. 12:57p.m.

Then, I had to sit the air train to the next terminal and walk a looooooooong ass way with a ass of a trolley to Terminal 5. 1:00

Then, I went up to the counter to ask the to check me in. But!! The counter said it was already closed and couldn't check me in. They could have checked me in if they wanted!! They probably just gave my seat to some standby passenger seat already!!! 1:03p.m.

Then, I had to line up this long ass que to ask the to put me on the next flight to Fort Myers. Not only that, I was embarrassing myself when I started crying in the line. The girl in front of me kept sneaking glances when she thought I wasn't looking. She must have thought I was crazy or something. 1:35p.m.

Then, just my luck, the next flight which is at 3:30p.m. was cancelled due to the weather and I had to wait till the 7:20p.m. flight. And I don't even have a confirm seat! I am on bloody standby!! 1:40p.m.

Then, I couldn't check in first because I can only check in 4 hours before the flight. So I wandered around for something to do. 2:00p.m.

Then, I realized I was hungry but all they had was Dunkin' Donuts with no decent beverages besides coffee and water. 2:15p.m.

Then, I cried again. I think the two person sitting next to me would have switched to another seat if there was one available (the place was packed). 2:20p.m.

Then, I had to sit in the waiting area for hours while my dad keeps bugging me every half an hour, trying to tell me, "If you did this, then you wouldn't missed your flight," and yada yada. 4:30p.m.

Then, I wasn't able to get on the 7:20p.m. flight because there was no extra seats. 8:00p.m.

Then, I tried getting one for the next flight but the lady at the customer service counter told me, "Sorry. You will have to wait for the next flight which is tomorrow. But there aren't guarantee seats cause the 6a.m., 1p.m. and 3p.m. flight is full. There is a place in the 7p.m. one though." Which means, I have to wait 12 hours in the airport because I most probably won't be able to get on any of the earlier flights. 8:30p.m.

Then, I decided to change my destination. Instead of landing in Fort Myers, I would land in Tampa (which is also in Florida but is 2 - 3 hours drive from my uni). 8:45p.m.

Then, I had to pay the change-destination-fee, $100 and the difference-in-price-fee, $231. Altogether, I had to pay $231 to get home that night. 8:55p.m.

Then, I had another long lecture from my dad again. He almost didn't want to come get me from Tampa and wanted me to stay there and wait. But he did in the end. I think he just like lecturing me. 9:10p.m.

Then, my flight got delayed due to the weather, and reached Tampa only at 1:40a.m.

Then, my dad drove us back to the Fort Myers airport to collect my bags because my bags got into the 7:20p.m. flight to Fort Myers but not me. 2:13a.m.

Then, we had to wait for the people who work at the office to come and open the door so that I could get my bags. 4:50a.m.

Then, I had to endure another of my dad's complaints and plans on complaining to the airport customer service. (He even wants to go on this radio show to complaint about it. Worst thing is, he wants ME to do it. Sigh~)

Then, I had to wake my roommate, Alyssa to open the door for me at 6 in the morning. Thanks gurl!

Then, I had to sleep on the couch cause I don't have the keys to my room yet. I had to wake up early today to go get them.

Then, it was about this time I realized that I haven't take a shower in about 44 hours and I really stink!!!!

Then, while I was unpacking, I couldn't find my ethernet cord to go online and all the shops are sold out cause other students have already bought them.

So, here I am, sitting in my room with Alyssa's ethernet cord, typing this ridiculous entry when I really really want to talk about the day I went out with Kok Hong and Danny they all. But I am not in the mood. Give me a day or two.

Seriously, I think this is all bad karma. I have the strongest gut feeling that all this happened to me because I refused to exchange my seat when an almost-old-lady asked me during my flight from Stockholm to Newark. I am never refusing an almost-old-lady ever again!

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