Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy 4th Year Anniversary Darling

Lol!! I was suppose to post this exactly a month ago, but I am only posting it now. Well, at least it is at the right time because today is our 4 years and 1 month anniversary! I'm gonna leave the title as 4th year anniversary though cause I did write half of it a month ago. The pictures took almost a month to post up okay!


Although we did not get to celebrate this fateful day together, we had the most amazing summer, didn't we? We took so many pictures together showing what we've done together hor?

#1. The first day I was in Malaysia, we hung out in my house while waiting for my sister together..

#2. Went out for a midnight snack together..

#3. Studied together.. =P (Why are you holding my bad btw?)

#4. Purposely met up even when we were yamcha-ing with different groups to take a picture together..

#5. Went to birthday parties together..

#6. Ate at Tenji together..

#6. Went clubbing together..

#7. Waited for my photoshoot patiently together..

#7. Entertained me with your funny quirks while waiting together..

#8. Went to Australia together..

#9. Spent wonderful times at Australia together..

#10. Had an interesting biting negotiation during Sooi Jin's party at Jun's place together..

#11. Went to Jun's club together..

#12. Became my model while we were eating at Secret Recipe together..

#13. Took another 'kissing' picture at Chili's even when there were people laughing at us together..

#14. Went to Bubba Gum for dinner a day before I left together..

#15. ..and stayed with me till the day I had to leave for Florida.

Xin Min and Jess was saying how it was weird that I told them, "For some unknown reason, I really miss Danny." But I guess I actually do know the reason. We were together for almost every day this summer, that suddenly not having you by my side seems weird. Like something is missing.

I am glad that this day did and had came because I love you more and more every day. I hope there are more anniversaries to come. Okay. I am going to end here because if I say anymore fluff stuff, I will melt. I am already feeling the goosebumps rising. *Shivers*

p/s: I love you Danny!


jessieloi said...


See, that is why Min and I find it weird that you said 'For unknown reasons'!

Hahah. Happy Anniversary Drey and Danny =)

nicoleLee said...

wow four years is a long journey! happy anniversary :)u guys really are perfect together :D

JanuskieZ said...

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Xin Min said...

My god Drey.. You damn teruk wei... Took you one month to post one entry?? Then I guess your blog won't have more than 12 posts one year. ;p


I feel so bad. I usually will sms Danny to wish him, just for the fun of it. Haha! To make him feel worst about not being able to celebrate with u actually. ;p But this year I actually forgot. O.o

Happy Anniversary again! :)