Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday BODOH SIS!

Just thought I dedicate this post to my bodoh sis who turns 16 today!

HAPPY 16th Birthday Amanda Chow!

If you don't already know, this is my sis, Amanda. The reason why I call her bodoh has nothing to do with her being bad in her studies, etc. She is just plain silly and out of it sometimes. Hmm, maybe it has something to do with her brain. Maybe she knocked her head on the table when my mum was giving birth or something. LOL!!!

I mean, who the hell make such weird faces at a wedding dinner, if not my sister?

#1. I took these pictures in less than half an hour. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with her. Gosh!

#2. Only my sis can make such a scary face. Just so you know, I think she was trying to look cute here, which makes this a much more scarier picture, don't you think? ^^

And how can people say that we are starting to look alike? We look nothing alike..

#3. Not alike at all.

As silly and crazy as my sister is, it is sad to say that I enjoyed hanging out with her every time I'm back in Malaysia for summer. This summer alone we hung out a lot together.

#4. Dragged her to eat roti telur with me all the time.

#5. Took our traditional hair saloon picture.

#6. Always a great camwhoring partner.

#7. Even after no sleep the night before, we managed to take a pretty decent picture. Sisters indeed!


All in all, I actually had a great time with her. She used to be really annoying and irritating when we were younger. It is really surprising how well we get along nowadays. I think the 8,462 miles apart helps (that is the true distance between here and Malaysia. I googled it. LOL!!). Not seeing her for 8 months is probably a blessing to me too. LOL!! Just kidding.

I do hope you have a great birthday though, bodoh sis. I know you are having your exam right now but go celebrate after exam or something. I belanja makan! Well, it is either that, or a birthday present. So, choose wisely. Cannot have both. =.="

Anyway, Happy Sweet Sixteen!!

p/s: I feel really bad for not writing a post for my mum, so I am going to wish my mum Happy Belated Birthday here as well!! Sorry mum!!


jessieloi said...

Distance either breaks or makes a relationship hehe.

Last time my elder sis also, barely talks to me and Justine.

Since she went to Singapore to work, we've been closer than ever =)

kh said...

kudos... okla... considered updated... but i was looking forward to know updates about yourself la hai..

Dwee said...

I agree. I'm glad it strengthens our relationship though. I really did have a great time with her.

Hehe! Sorry to disappoint. Planning to update in these few days. ^^