Monday, October 19, 2009

Mixed Feelings

I feel so overwhelmed right now.

I want to do so many things. Very random things too.

Learn how to play a violin.

Be good in Japanese.

Be an extra in a movie.

Able to find and watch good anime.

I can't even concentrate much on my studies anymore. I am slacking so much and focusing on things that might not even happen.

But I feel so passionate about them that it scares me and is beginning to overwhelm me. I don't know what to do. I want to do those things but am tied down by obligations. Just feels like I am running out of time to do these stuff as well.

How does one study, do well in classes, get internships, work a part time job, find a violin class, learn how to play the violin, watch anime, try to keep in touch with bf and family, learn Japanese and keep a social life at the same time?


jessieloi said...

You know what, I've ALWAYS wanted to learn the violin >.< but never did cause to get a violin would be very expensive and added on to the cost of lessons etc.

BUT I found something else I can learn here! SALSA! hoho. I might go learn hehe.

Dwee said...

I was actually hoping if I were to take lessons, they will have spare violins for my to practice with. I really want to at least know how to play it, thats all.

Haha! I've done that already. I am rather interested in instruments nowadays. Hehe!

Rcl said...

It is very easy. Split it up and do one thing at a time over the years. You still have many many many more years to go. So no rush ha ha....

kh said...

i got no talent in music :(
lets go online and webcam one day.. i put the camera in front of my tv and leave it like that... then you can watch all the anime you want .. hahaha

Dwee said...

But I don't have much time. That's the problem. When I start to work, I won't have as much time as I do now to do all those stuff. I am getting older by the minute.

Haha! No worries. I don't have that much either.

LOL!!! No thanks. I can watch it online faster. But on a more serious note, we haven't webcam in a looooong time have we? Haha!