Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weight on my shoulder is finally getting lighter

edited (12/07):

Finals will be over by next week. Probably should go down my checklist to see I'm doing everything I'm suppose to.

#0. Partially update blog.

#1. A 19 page research report for Professional Selling class.

#2. A 6 page paper for Japanese Pop Culture class.

#3. Presentation for PR Strategy class.

#4. Philosophy of Human Communication quiz. LOL! Almost didn't make it to this quiz cause I was studying for it, so I was an hour late for class. By the time I got there, I just made it on time to take the quiz. Thank god!

#5. Work on Professional Selling study guide for final exam. Finally! Now I just have to memorize everything and I am good to go.

#6. Complete Principles of Advertising Brand Book.

#7. Presentation for Principles of Advertising class. Our presentation went so well! I am glad all the hard work, meetings every week, and misunderstandings our group faced throughout the semester paid off.

#8. Final exam for Philosophy of Human Communication.

#9. Talk to Prof. Moniz about internship.

That's about it. Can't wait for this semester to be over. Probably won't update till I am done with this list. Or maybe I will update. Hmm, what do you think?


kh said...

you know i only had one intention when i visited today (after a long time not visiting) which is coming to your cbox to ask you, "are you hibernating?"

ok... now i know how busy you are. i am shit fiche busy also.... darn ...

Dwee said...

LOL!! You sound so sure that I wouldn't have updated before you even visited my blog. Sigh~ No faith in me at all. Hehe! But I'm glad I updated a day before you got the chance to say that. Hehe!

Good luck to both of us and hope we get to relax soon.