Saturday, December 12, 2009

A 'Brief' Summary

Since I've sorta abandoned my blog for a whole semester, I thought I should at least write a post to summarize what I have been up to these couple of months now that my finals are finally over. This is a good time to introduce my new roommates, and the group I am hanging out with too.

Now, I use the word 'brief' VERY loosely. It is a post that has almost two months worth of activities in it. I'll try my best to make it as brief as possible.

#1. Meet Janae(in blue-ish purple shirt) and Alyssa (in yellow shirt). I think this was the turning point of a great roommate bond or something: joined forces to 'fight' a cockroach.

#2. Okay. The truth is, the cockroach was on my door. It freaked the hell outta me, so I called for Alyssa's help (since her room is next to mine). Then we asked for Janae's help (my new roommate. She's from Indiana). Pay no mind to how they look please. This was taken at 2 in the morning.

#3. After 5 minutes of running, shrieking and hitting, O3 (our dorm unit) won!!!

#4. So, the one sitting on the left is Alyssa. You guys met her before. This year she is my roommate! The one on the right is Janae, my other roommate. She is so cool and funny. I really like my roommates this year. The three of us just click!

#5. This was taken during the beginning of the semester. Janae just joined a sorority (Chi Omega), so we went out to celebrate. Michelle is the one in blue, sitting in the middle. We're no longer roommates but we still hang out and stuff.

The Asian girl next to me is Kai. She is hilarious. It's hard to explain, but the way she uses her vocabulary to express herself is amazing. Damn her English is good!

#6. Alyssa-Michelle-Audrey forever. LOL!

#7. This was taken the night before Labor's Day. We were going to Michelle's house for a little party. Vahid, Alyssa's bf was driving his chun convertible car, and he had the roof off. As you can see, we were ecstatic!

#8. As you all know, I work as a cashier at SoVi (the cafeteria place at my uni), and so does Alyssa. This semester, I work the morning shift (8:30am to 2:30pm); Alyssa work during the night shift (4pm to 10:30pm). We were cracking up when we saw each other cause when I came back from work and Alyssa was getting ready for work, we just so happen to wear the same color uniform (there is blue and maroon).

#9. You know what's funny? We are both roommates, work at the same place, and are both in the Honors Program. The funnier thing is, Janae is also our roommate, she now works at SoVi as well, and just got into the Honors Program! LOL!!! Maybe we should take another picture with Janae in it as well. Haha!

#10. Moving along, it is now September 12th: Janae's 20th Birthday. We went to a sushi place to celebrate.

#11. It is a real interesting place. They have a guy cooking right in front of us. He did tricks and everything. He is an Indonesian by the way. Just putting it out there.

#12. Sponge Bob! LOL!!

#13. Introducing Melissa (far left). She is in Janae's Bio class. She is always over at our dorm, so we are kinda close too.

#14. What is a birthday celebration without some silly strings. I don't know about Janae, but Kai, Alyssa and I had a great deal of fun spraying her with silly strings.

#15. Now, on this fateful day, it was the start of a new friendship with our neighbors, O2. All thanks to Janae.

After we sprayed her with silly strings, we had to clean up the hall way (if not we will all be fined $25 each). So, while I was innocently sweeping the floors outside, Janae grabbed a whole bunch of silly strings, squashed it into a ball, and put it on the neighbor's door. That wasn't the worst part. She then knocked on their door, ran back to our dorm, shut the door behind her to hide; with me still sweeping outside!

Of course one of our neighbors opened the door, looked at me, raised one of his eyebrow higher than the other, and gave me the wtf look. How embarrassing!

I had to convince him I wasn't the culprit. When I got back into my dorm, my roommates were laughing at me of course. Later, I tried to do the same thing to Janae, but she ran back into the dorm with the speed of lightning, that when our neighbor opened their door for the second time, no one was out there.

After 10 minutes, we continued cleaning the floor. I thought it would be funny to put the leftover silly strings over our neighbor's peephole. Thinking that the coast was clear, I tiptoe towards the door, about to stick the silly strings there, when the door flew open! Scared the hell outta us! Of course, being the one getting caught red handed, it was more embarrassing.

The next day, we got this note...

#16. LOL!!! It was taped to our door.

#17. Alyssa and Janae thought it would be funny to write back. I took this picture just in case I need prove my innocence. Alibi, my friends! Very important!

#18. Alyssa tried scaring O2 by impersonating O1 and O4 (the other dorms on our floor).

#19. After all those, we tried to make up with them, so we brought cookies over as a peace offering. It worked, cause we are great friends now.

#20. The first time Janae, Alyssa and I were over at their dorm watching a movie. Just hanging out.

#21. By the way, don't you think the girl on the phone looks like Bella (Kristen Stewart) from Twilight?!?! I was jumping up and down when I saw her. Haha!

#22. The point for telling such a loooong story is to introduce our neighbor, O2!

From the left, the guy sitting on the coach's hand rest is Randy. He is the youngest out of all his roommates. Then we have Greg, the guy sitting in between Alyssa and Janae. He is pretty funny. Greg's also in one of my classes.

Emily is the girl sitting on the floor next to me. She is one of the roommates' (Joe, but he is not in the picture) girlfriend. Well, ex-girlfriend now. When I took this picture, they were still together. Sigh, that was two months ago. How time flies.

#23. Here, we have us goofing around in Alyssa's room while she is studying for midterm. Yup. Time does fly. This was taken around October.

#24. AHA! A roommate picture! The O3 girls! You already know Alyssa, and Janae. The girl in white is my other roommate, Victoria (There are 4 rooms in one dorm btw). I don't have many pictures of her cause she is seldom around.

#25. Another person to introduce; the girl in pink: AJ Cullen. A friend of Alyssa's but now a great friend of ours!

#26. Once a week, my roommates would usually bake cookies. AJ would come over to take her Math quiz online (she needs help cause this is the 2nd time she's taking intermediate algebra). This picture was taken while we were waiting for the cookies.

#27. Meet Cinderella Grace Cullen (aka Ella), AJ's dog/daughter. Damn adorable. Very smart and obedient too!

#28. As I was saying, AJ needed help with math. After bribing O2 with cookies, they were put to work. You remember Randy (sitting on the bed), and Greg (sitting on the chair). The guy standing there with a beer in his hand is Jim, their other roommate. He's a super friendly guy but loves to tease everyone, especially me and Randy cause we are 'naive' apparently.

#29. That aside, they were pretty reliable.

#30. Randy actually helped a lot.

#31. It was about that time, Halloween rolled by. I don't know what is going through Alyssa's head but while we were walking in Target looking at costumes, she caught sight of that, and just puts it on. LOL!!!!

10 minutes later...

#32. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing so loud that the employees there were looking at us funny. HAHAHAH!! This is priceless!!

#33. Haha!! That aside, this was the closest I got to wearing a costume: Curly hair.

#34. Michelle's bf, Chris was having a small Halloween get-together. Thought it would be fun to curl my hair. I even used hairspray ~.~

Although there were only 8 of us, we had a great time. Especially when everyone else is tipsy, and I was the only sober person. I enjoyed seeing everyone make a fool out of themselves. Too bad the pictures are with Alyssa. Will get them soon when she gets back from Miami.

#35. Mid November, we went for the Autism Walk.

#36. AJ is a committee member. We had to support her. It was for a good cause anyway.

#37. Err, I'm not sure who the girl on the far left is but she is probably one of Janae's friend. For this walk, Janae, Alyssa, me, AJ and Michelle participated.

#38. So did Jim, Greg and Greg's friend (forgot his name).

#39. While others were listening to the speech..

#40. ..we were sitting by the side having our own conversation.

#41. Got to see pretty amusing people too. Haha! They were trying to role down the hill.

#42. I just realized that almost everyone is wearing sunglasses. WTH!

#43. This was pretty lame, but we are a pretty lame bunch. Janae took this picture but it wasn't her intention to focus on me. It just so happen that I was the only one being captured in it. A good picture of me nonetheless!!!! =P

#44. At one point over the semester, we were all very concern about our health/weight. We would do midnight (and I literally mean mid night at like 12am) jogging around campus, visited the gym several times a day, go on weird diets, etc.

#45. Alyssa and I somehow came up with another way of losing weight: roller blades. We roller blade all the way to our workplace, which was very far. Took us 30 min just to get there. Thank god we got a ride home from our neighbors, who was having their dinner at SoVi.

#46. Then they got into exercising in the living room. It is one of those pop-in-the-dvd-and-follow-the-person-in-the-tv exercise. I didn't join in. Not interested.

#47. But that doesn't mean I didn't find what they were doing amusing. Hahahahha!!

#48. As far as my job goes, the only interesting thing that happened was being sent over to the Perch, other cafeteria, and helping out with the catering.

#49. Had to wear button down shirt and a bow. At least Theresa was there too. This is one of the girls I work with at SoVi.

#50. We were enjoying ourselves too much in the toilet.


#52. The most embarrassing part was not the dress up, but having to serve sorority girls in those clothes! In other words, other students, people that we know outside from work. I actually know at least one to two girls from each table. Do you know how embarrassing it was to collect their dishes, filled their glasses with water, serve them food, and have them recognize you while you are doing those things.

At least I got something out of this: the proper way to serve. There were so many rules. I can still hear myself chanting, "Serve left, take right. Serve left, take right. Serve left, take right."

#53. Despite all that, I had a lot of fun. Got to work with Kenny, the guy next to me, for the first time after knowing him for 2 years. ^^

#54. "May I be of service?"

#55. On a random note, I don't know how many of you noticed, but in previous pictures, our living room was so plain, that it is embarrassing. So, the next major thing that happened over the semester was the living room make over!

After adding a few pillows, pictures and lamp, we have..

#56. Tada! You might want to compare this transformed living room with picture #25.

#57. Most of the credit for such great deco goes to Janae! The rest of us just helped a tiny bit.

#58. Decorating frames? Check!

#59. We've always kept O2's note on our fridge. Instead of throwing it away, we thought it would be funny to frame it instead.


Hmm, what else? There are a few random things I did/got over the semester.

#61. I love this picture. I came back from class one evening, and Janae was just sitting in the living room studying. When she turned to talk to me, I dash into my room to get my camera. The lighting was just too perfect. This picture doesn't even begin to compare to the real thing.

#62. Just so you know, the silver car outside my window is my dad's car. I have been using it for the whole semester. My dad loan it to me since he wasn't really using it. Seriously. You can almost do nothing without a car here in Florida.

#63. I also got a new phone over the semester. Samsung Eternity. It's touch screen, with unlimited internet access. The best part is, the phone is FREE.

#64. I was using my 18th birthday present as a home for my phone. Just wanted to show Xm I'm putting her hard work into good use. ^^

#65. Now, I'm only using the phone protector my dad got. By the way, what do you think of my wallpaper? Pretty cute isn't it? LOL!

#66. I am being pretty organized nowadays. This board seriously saved my life. See my schedule?! I wasn't lying when I said I was busy. That was only part of it too.

Since finals is over, I have nothing but free time on my hands. I took so many pictures this semester, that I am going to organize them before I can update again.

Surprisingly, judging by the number of pictures I have taken over the semester, my life isn't as dull as it was before. Maybe I should have posted them on the day it happened. Then I won't be facing the problem of uploading them all at once. Will take note of this next time. Till then, look forward to updating my blog at a more regular basis.

p/s: Sorry for this unorganized update. I think my blogging skills is a little rusty. Bear with me till I get is right again.


Xin Min said...

Audrey!!! I almost forgot about the thing I gave you for your 18th birthday. I mean, I remember something related to cross-stich but I cannot recall the picture at all. Haha!

Nice post, I would say! After waiting an update from you for soooo long. Haha.

Good to know you're doing good there. And you seemed to be having heaps of fun!

p.s: Your neighbour, Randy is hot! ;p

hL said...

Thank You for updating about your life every 6 months

Dwee said...

Haha! See what a good friend I am la.

Thanks! I was afraid it would be sorta lame. I guess I am having much more fun than my freshman year.

LOL!! You always leave one of the most sarcastic comments!! HAHAHAHA!!

kh said...

i can guarantee... for sure... the next entry is next year... for sure 101%

unless you feel threatened by this comment though.. then you will just cincai post one to please me.. hahahaha... merry christmas and a happy new year!

Dwee said...

LOL!!! How much are you willing to bet on that? I might just suddenly have the urge to post three posts before the year is out. Hehe! You never know.