Sunday, April 18, 2010


Whao~ It's just like me to abandon my blog for several weeks or so.

Exams is around the corner though. And I have group projects every week, quizzes popping up every where. It's no wonder I am missing in action. Well, yes. It is also cause I am lazy and do not have a life. So there is nothing much to post.

What I have been doing so far? Hmm, I am currently sick. Not sick sick. Just coughing and about to lose my voice. No biggie. Have been hanging out with my roommates a lot. Just small outings. Nothing worth mentioning.

Oooo! I have my interview for my internship tomorrow. Pretty nervous about that. Just hope my voice will hold out till then. Gonna go to bed early today. The meeting is at 8:15a.m. and it's about half an hour from my school. But I am leaving at 7a.m. just in case I get lost. Don't want to be late and give a bad first impression. And yes people! I WILL wake up! Don't look down on me k!

That's all I have going on for me. Will update when I have a life! See ya~

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