Saturday, April 24, 2010

First step to becoming a mangaka?!?

Okay. So, I was just trying my luck at drawing a few minutes ago. Don't think I will be a mangaka (comic artist) when I grow up (when I grow up?!? What am I? Five?!?).

It started with my cousin, Jamie.

#1. Meet Jamie. Say hi people. =.=" I can be so lame sometimes *roll eyes

Recently, she has been drawing a lot of manga out of interest; She's really good at it, for a beginner.

These are several of her attempts.

#1. She started with pokemon(s). She's been drawing them according to pokemon pictures she finds in the internet. She even have friends requesting them now. Lol!

#2. She is moving on to 'Chibis.'

I think part of the reason why she started is because of her fascination with anime.

#3. Meet Toshirou Hitsugaya (One of the anime, Bleach characters). 'He' is my cousin's pet. Yes. 'He' is a water marble. Yes, she is obsess with Bleach.

If Histugaya is real, he would be her husband. Jun, you have competition. =P Apparently, Hitsugaya is Jun's husband as well. Hitsugaya, are you two timing?! =.="

#4. These are MY pets, Sakura (pink) and Syaoran (blue).


Jamie got this book that teaches step by step how to draw chibi characters, and she has been drawing more frequently.

#4. Now, she has her own collection of drawings.

#5. Bunny Girl

#6. Secret agent.

When she was drawing just now, I noticed she wasn't following the steps as the book instructed. So, I was trying to explain to her how following the steps would help (draw outline first, etc.) cause I have a friend (Yuen Looi) who does that.


She insisted on drawing it her own way. Since, she looked like she was really enjoying herself, and the picture LOOKS (looks can be deceiving) easy enough to draw, I joined her in drawing one myself.

And mine turned out like this..

#1. My very first attempt at drawing a 'Chibi Girl.' Easier said then done!!

#9. Left to right: Original, mine, Jamie's

Okay. I will admit, I started drawing with the intention of showing Jamie that if she follows the steps, her drawings will turn out better. I was hoping my drawing will turn out soooo good that I could go like, "NAH! In your face!" That way, maybe she will start taking my advises. Didn't work as planned. Who knew drawing could be so hard.

I have a whole new appreciation for manga drawings. Now, whenever I read manga(s), I will never ever again mutter under my breath at how the head is smaller than the body, the guy doesn't look as hot, the girls' boobs look unnatural, it should have been drawn it this way/that way, etc.

I shall appreciate your hard work and enjoy the drawings as much as possible. So, to all mangaka(s) in the world, draw with pride!


They call me LeeSze. said...

you reminded me of my missing drawing file. T.T

Dwee said...

They call me LeeSze,
Haha! Yea. Remember when you, Jun, Aulay, Yuen Looi, etc. were always drawing in class? Good ol' days. Miss them.