Saturday, August 23, 2008


Whao! I can't believe I've been back in Malaysia for almost four months. Time really flies. Half of me hopes that my summer holidays were longer but surprisingly, my other half can't wait to get back and start my classes. Weird.

Funny thing happened today. I was supposed to leave for Florida this afternoon. Yet, here I am in Malaysia typing this entry.

What happened was, my flight got canceled due to the typhoon in Hong Kong. So the airlines transfer me to another flight that sends me straight to Los Angeles.

The upside to this is I get to surprise my friends, enjoy 2 more of Melur's roti telur & teh ais, have dinner with my mum, spend more time with Danny and play pool. I even got to see a Hong Kong actress, Molly Wu. (I'll upload the pic later)

The downside is that, this sudden change throw my whole carefully planned plan out of proportion. I'll have to miss a day of class and meet up with every prof. to see if they can not mark me as absent. Keeping my fingers cross.

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