Saturday, February 28, 2009

Alyssa and Michelle

Have you ever felt out of place? That people invite you to do stuff but only asked you to come along just for the sake of asking? Felt like there is no one you could really talk to? Well, that was how I felt when I first got to Florida. I didn't know anyone and had a real hard time finding people I could really talk to.

This Fall and Spring semester probably is one of the best ones ever. I've meet a lot of good friends since I've got to Florida but no one beats Michelle (my roommate), and Alyssa (my classmate/work mate). Not that I haven't met any other people but these 2 girls are really the nicest so far, and actually really treats me as a real friend and everything.

It is really nice to be involved/invited to something again. We would always have this night chat sessions and everything. Or we would text each other. We had a spaghetti night last Wednesday (02/18).

#1. Michelle(in red) and Alyssa(in pink).

#2. They were just being stupid here. Apparently, that is my pose whenever I want to take a pic with food, which is so not true!

#3. I do not pose like that!

#4. Michelle is so nice. She made all these. Alyssa and I were just chilling around. Haha! Thanks Michelle.

#5. Lizzie was busy reading Twilight. She finished all 4 books in 4 days. She was inseparable with the book. When the food was ready, she said, "Leave it there. I like my pasta cold anyway." BULLSHIT!! It was almost frozen by the time she actually got up and took a bite. And she only took 3 bites before she threw away the rest! Like pasta cold my ass!!


#7. Just gotta love them! We took this with a self timer. Cool huh?

#8. Michelle said Alyssa look like a midget here. Haha! Alyssa was just sitting on a really low chair.

#9. Then we went into Michelle's room to fool around again. I think this was where Michelle got pretty fed up with taking pictures. So, Alyssa was the only one left to ss with me. Hahah!!




#13. I was testing Alyssa's camera. She was complaining about how bad her camera is, so when I tested her camera, we ended up taking pictures of each other.

#14. We were comparing cameras.


#16. You see Lizzie there. This is was like an 1 1/2 hour after we all had our spaghetti, and her's was still there. It was just sitting there! She didn't even finish it! Liar!! Anyway, this was where Michelle, Alyssa and I got hungry and wanted to have some deserts, so we made the cinnamon twist again.

#17. Lizzie

#18. Michelle

#19. Alyssa

#20. Well, Alyssa and Michelle was making it. I was just taking pictures. Didn't know how to work the over and everything. Hahah!! *blushes*




#24. Okay. The guy facing the camera is Ryan and the guy with his back turned away is Gab. They are Michelle's close friends from Cape Coral. Ryan was coming in from somewhere and Gab went to pick him up from the airport. (fyi, the airport is like 5 10 minutes away from my uni). So, they decided to drop by and chat. Good god! You should have listen to Gab and Ryan. They were teaching me what "tossing salad" and "munching carpet" means. So embarrassing. Haha! Had a great time though. Great guys.


#26. HAHAHHAHAH!!! I was trying to take a picture of myself talking with them but I didn't know that Michelle was posing like that! Hahahhahahha!!!


Anyway, we just sat around chatting till Ryan and Gab left. It was nothing special or anything. It just felt like I've finally fit somewhere. Took me two years, but definitely worth the wait. Thanks gurls!

I just want to do a shout out to my Malaysian good friend back home.


You are finally legal to do whateva you want (I think). Haha! Anyway, I hope you have a real great birthday today. Don't have too much fun without me though. Can't wait to hang out with you, Heng and Xin Min again when I come back for summer. Happy birthday again! HUGZ!!!


jessieloi said...

I FINISHED THE TWILIGHT SAGA IN FOUR DAYS TOOO. ok lah. not 4 consecutive days cause I got the books at different times. But each book took a day Hahahhaha!

I can understand why your friend, Lizzie, is acting that way cause I was like that too XP

and what does 'tossing salad' and 'munching carpet' mean?


THANK YOU DREY DARLING!!! Can't wait for you to be back toooo!

Dwee said...

You are crazy too then. Haha!!! I'll tell you the meaning when I get back. A bit inappropriate to say it here. You're welcome jess!! ^^